Kamela and Richard

Kamela and Richard

Though Kamela and Richard both met during a training class where they worked (CNA/Hartford), the two did not start dating until December 2012. One evening, as the couple headed for dinner out, Rick stopped by the waterfront and got down on one knee and proposed. Kamela said yes, and as they headed toward the restaurant, both sets of smiling parents were outside. Everyone attended the engagement dinner—making this a cherished memory for all.

Kamela and her mom attended the MyShadi Bridal Expo in September 2015, where they met Gyna, a destination wedding planner. Kamala loved the idea of a destination wedding, and the couple selected the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The wedding planner assisted them with rooms for their guests and planning details.

Kamela’s Haldi ceremony was hel in Clermont at her parents’ home the weekend before the wedding. An outdoor tent was decorated with red and yellow fabric and malas. A crystal-beaded curtain hung in front of the white backdrop where the puja took place.

Wedding Ceremony of Kamela and RichardOnce the 90 guests arrived at the Hard Rock resort, their wedding coordinator was very helpful. They held a White Welcome Party the night before the Hindu ceremony where all the guests wore white. A henna artist set up in the corner and guests had cocktails, appetizers and hookah. Everyone received a welcome bag and itinerary of events. Old School Reggae, Soca, 80s, 90s and top 40 music was enjoyed by all.

The Hindu ceremony took place on the beach in the late afternoon. The Mandap was elevated on a white stage that was decorated with red, orange and pink fabric with gold tiffany chairs for the parents and white lounge chairs for the couple. A red aisle runner led the way to the Mandap. The guest seats were covered by two white and pink tents. Red fans on each chair included descriptions of the different stages of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a vegetarian dinner reception in the outdoor courtyard decorated with string lights.

The day after the Hindu ceremony, a symbolic ceremony took place in the garden where a violinist played before and after the reception. This outdoor rooftop location included a stage for dancing to top 40s, Soca and Indian music.

The couple feels a destination wedding is the way to go. While the stress does not go away, nearly half of it is taken away as the wedding planner/coordinators takes over and handles everything.

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Wedding Ceremony of Kamela and Richard

Photos Courtesy
I Alam Photography

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