Al Natour

Al Natour

Al Natour Middle  Eastern restaurant was established in 2010, due to the high demand for quality Middle Eastern halal food. You are sure to have a fine Middle Eastern restaurant dining experience, because it is family owned and operated. We care about every detail, from the fresh, delicious dishes, which are prepared from scratch, to courteous and friendly service.

Al NATOUR Middle Eastern Restaurant is conveniently located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale,Florida, at Plantation Square plaza. MapQuest Map it

Our Menu offerings include a wide selection of traditional Middle Eastern food, beverages and sweets. The choices include vegetarian dishes as well as halal food and meat entrees, so there is a dish to suit everyone. Our prices are surprisingly affordable considering the gourmet Middle Eastern cuisine that we serve, and everything is halal! Check our menu page to see our full Middle Eastern menu and the great prices we offer.

Al Natour Middle  Eastern restaurant

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Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale FL

Plantation Square plaza

traditional Middle Eastern food

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