Deauville Beach Resort

Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach

It was born because Mrs. Commodore Perry Stoltz, looking for a land to build a luxury hotel on, emblazoned a frayed buttonwood tree with a lipstick and announced This is where we will build out hotel. That hotel never happened, but real estate investor Joe Elsener, who had showed the property to Stolts, several years later, decided to built the Deauville Hotel and Casino in 1926. Gertudre Ederle, the first woman to swin the English Channel, was hired to put on aquatic shows. Nevertheless, ballroom dancing, casino gambling, and swimming exhibitions, all failed to attract the crowd to the isolated location. The first of the characters to gain control of the hard to figure Deauville was Princess Lucy Cotton Thomas Magraw Erustavitcherine, who renamed the hotel Beautiful Deauville. In 1936, Lucy leased the Deauville to Bernarr Macfadden, who promptly named the hotel the Macfadden-Deauville. In 1942, the Army leased the hotel for officer candidates. The United States Coast Guard used the Deauville as one of the three control points for anti-invasion patrol of the beaches during World War Two.

Deauville Beach Resort

Commodore Perry Stoltz

the hotel Beautiful Deauville

Bernarr Macfadden

the Macfadden-Deauville