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Jaya Tiwari & Danny Phagoo

The Engagement
We first met our couple, Jaya and Danny, when we photographed their Turks and Caicos engagement last year. Jaya and Danny both have such happy personalities, positive energy and spirit, not to mention a great sense of humor. We knew they would be a great couple to work with and were excited to be asked to photograph their wedding. Jaya and Danny had not yet decided where their wedding would take place but they decided it had be a Turks and Caicos Indian destination wedding.


The Wedding

 The first of the ceremonies took place at 7am. Both families met with the groom before friends and family arrived. Traditionally, a Hindu wedding takes place at a Mandap which is a beautiful structure built for a Hindu marriage ceremony. Decorated with flowers and colorful fabrics, it has a fire burning in the middle. The fire signifies the viability of the ceremony. When offerings are being made, the fire is kept as a witness.

The ceremony itself followed many Hindu traditions such as the exchange of garlands. Garlands are exchanged to express the desire of the couple marrying each other. The ceremony began with prayers to Ganesha and included the seven rounds of the holy fire. Every part of the ceremony has meaning – trust, love, protection, wealth and commitment to each other. Jaya looked absolutely stunning in her red dress, symbolizing the rising sun, prosperity and fertility.

The weather was a little overcast on the day. However, the light on the beach actually enhanced the colors of the bride’s dress and the grooms attire. We loved the bout of laughter they had on the beach and we just had to put that in a little collage. Jaya and Danny are a couple that are meant to be together. They laugh and joke, are very relaxed in each other’s company and you can see there is a lot of love between the two of them and their families.

The Reception

After the ceremony, we moved over to the decking area on the beach for some post-wedding cocktails. Here we saw the grand entrance dance of the parents, the wedding party and, of course, the bride and groom. At this time, the Indian tradition transferred to a more western look. The bride and groom, as well as the guests, changed attire for the evening events.


From start to finish, the reception was full of music from different cultures, lots of dancing and of course some great speeches from proud friends and family members. The evening finished with sparklers on the beach and a display of fireworks.

Hair Stylist: Thea Makeup Artistry | Location: Grace Bay Club Resorts | Event Planner: Cinnamon Sun Events | Photographer: Brilliant Studios Ltd


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