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Udpa & Kelsey Indian wedding in Mexico by Photo By Julieta

What made the wedding special and unique?
One of the many things that brought us together as a couple, was our love for our families and we wanted our wedding to be an intimate experience where our immediate families could spend days together creating shared memories. We also love to travel, and we while we discussed returning to some of our favorite places, we ultimately decided that it would be extra special to have our ceremony in a place where neither of us had visited before. That brought us to Todos Santos, a magical place we had only read about.

We were lucky to be able to incorporate these two elements – precious time was spent with parents, siblings and nephews while whale watching, releasing turtles on the beach, snorkeling with whale sharks, volunteering, eating delicious local food, and relaxing in a beautiful spot in this world. The wedding ceremony was filled with love and only more meaningful after all having spent quality time together.

Udpa & Kelsey Indian wedding in Mexico by Photo By Julieta

The gown- how/where?
At the risk of sounding utterly cliché, the gown I wore at our ceremony was the very first wedding dress I tried on. Since my father had introduced me to the designer (Sabyasachi) earlier that year, I couldn’t get his bridal gowns out of my head. It felt like the gown was the right aesthetic for our fusion wedding. So, when I found a shop in the Bay Area that carried Sabyasachi bridal gowns, I made the 1.5 hour train ride to try on the dresses I had seen on Instagram. When I reached the shop, I saw the dress my Dad had first pointed out, and it was the one I ultimately selected. I loved that my Dad (who we lovingly teased as being the real Bridezilla) was the one who selected my wedding dress. It made it extra special for me.

Personal wedding touches
There are many ways couples from different cultural backgrounds can choose to celebrate their union. For us, we wanted to incorporate and blend details from both our backgrounds into a single ceremony. Traditional Indian Hindu weddings, involve many rituals that may be unfamiliar to those outside of the culture (or in this case, to the bride herself). We wanted to incorporate a few of the cultural traditions and explain each stage of the ceremony for our guests. To do this, Keegan created a program— with colors and designs inspired by the tile work at Hotel San Cristobal that laid out the names of the Indian ceremonies and their significance. For the reception dinner, we worked with the amazing Executive Chef (Edgar Palau) and Sommelier (Sergio Madera) at Bennu Restaurant. Since Natasha’s family is vegetarian, Chef Palau and his team created a delicious multi-course vegetarian meal that included flavors from Mexico and India. We are ?still? ?getting? rave reviews from their family about the ?delicious dinner, ? incredible wine ?pairings, and? beautiful ?presentation! And, we are especially grateful for all the? descriptions of the dishes and have framed the menu from our wedding dinner for our home.?

Memorable part of the wedding The most memorable part of our wedding day was an early morning walk we took with Saul, our officiant. Before sunrise, Saul picked us up and took us to a special place on a cliff overlooking the water and the mountains. We sat holding hands and listened to the rolling waves of the ocean and sounds of nature, taking in the fresh ocean air and smell of burning incense; and watched the sun slowly rise over the silhouette of the mountains. It brought tears to our eyes and we are forever grateful to Saul for reminding us to be present and grateful on our special day.

How did you meet?
Keegan is a fifth-generation Iowan and Natasha spent her childhood growing up in the same state. While they did not meet in the Midwest, they both attended Cornell University for graduate school in Ithaca, New York. Mutual friends, realizing that both Keegan and Natasha had connections to Iowa, made the introduction. However, it took a full year before they would eventually meet face-to-face.

About your Engagement (how did he propose): For a full week, it rained in San Francisco. Keegan was worried about the hike he had planned for the engagement… there was no back-up plan! Miraculously, on the morning of the proposal, the clouds parted and it was a beautiful and sunny Saturday. Keegan, all smiles, packed up the car and Natasha pretended like she didn’t notice all the subtle hints that a proposal was just around the corner. When they reached a quiet spot on their hike in Mount Tamalpais State Park, they stopped to take in the sweeping views that overlook the Pacific ocean, San Francisco skyline, and Marin headlands. Keegan reached into his pocket and proposed and Natasha said yes, but only after grabbing the ring and slipping it on her finger herself. But there was another surprise around the corner, a surprise which Natasha did not know about. Keegan had planned a party with friends at Drake’s Dealership in Oakland …. And flown in Natasha’s brother, Anant, to celebrate.
Indian Bride and Groom Exchanging Wedding Ring

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