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Malani Jewelers – a name which stands as a hall mark of trust and exemplary customer service. This is not just a slogan but a firm belief of a family where Jewelry is a passion. We are the forth generation entrepreneurs. It is this rich experience and our international exposure in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Pakistan and India; which gives us an edge to sell the best quality jewelry at very competitive prices.

Our journey of growth began from a humble Store in Decatur, Atlanta, GA; as we laid the foundation of customer service and trust. Our customers and patrons have helped us in a very special way, adding brick by brick to grow into a phenomenal success story. In order to extend our reach and to serve you better, we now have a Store in Tampa, Florida and also in Dallas, Texas . We also have www.malanijewelers.com – an online jewelry store for all those customers who can not shop in-person. Making sure that you get the comfort of leisure shopping and live customer service.

We have reached this enviable position only due to the support of our customers who have a keen taste of exquisite jewelry and are extremely loyal to us. It has been a pleasure serving more than 50,000 extremely satisfied customers and we look forward to serve more.

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Amritha weds Jis

  The love story of Amritha and Jis is classic: college sweethearts and dating for five years before marriage crossed their minds. Both studied at the University of Florida, their mutual interest in the arts brought them together. Amritha needed t-shirts designed for her dance team, and Jis was an artist and photographer. Mutual friends introduced them, and the rest …

Indian Jewelry Store at Tampa, Florida

Bridal Jewelry In Tampa, Florida

Indian Jewerly Store at Tampa

Wedding Special Jewelry in Tampa, Florida

Elegant Indian Wedding Jewelry

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international exposure

rich experience

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