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  • Grah Shanti Top Ftr Img

    Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness

    Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness People often say that matches are made in heaven, so it is no surprise that many weddings begin with an auspicious step to placate the heavenly bodies. The Grah Shanti is often one of the first rituals to …

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  • Haldi-Pithi ceremony - The Ritual of Love and Colors of Special Bond

    Haldi-Pithi Ceremony – The Ritual of Love and Colors of Special Bond

    Our Indian culture is everything extreme you can ever find in any form. Marriage is a special journey, and Indian marriages are world famous, definitely for many reasons! It is a journey which starts from engagement, combining the essence of Haldi-Pithi ceremony, and ends up …

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  • Indian Wedding Rituals

    Indian Wedding Rituals

    Those not intimately familiar with Indian weddings may envision large, extravagant weddings complete with loads of money, glamour, and style all rolled into one to make one of the most important events in one’s life the most memorable. However, with all the glitz and sparkle …

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  • Islamic Weddings Remarkable Rituals Combined with Elegance and Style

    Islamic Weddings Remarkable Rituals Combined with Elegance and Style

    Weddings are celebrated with great fervor around the world and across cultures. What makes them special though are the diverse rituals and traditions that are truly fascinating. In Islam, marriage is seen as a righteous act, a social commitment, and an act of devotion towards …

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  • Special Edition – Wedding Resources

    Special Edition – Wedding Resources

    Love, hope, excitement and a new beginning are words that come to mind when you think of newlyweds. In our previous Wedding Resources Guide, the wedding story of Annvi, a recent bride, was featured. Due to overwhelming response, we are including several personal stories in …

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  • The Emotional Custom of Bidaai In Indian Marriages

    The Emotional Custom of Bidaai In Indian Marriages

    Weddings in India is just not limited to Shaadi, receptions, and parties. It’s a sacred occasion of happiness, excitement, and emotions. The week-long gatherings, hundreds of family and friends and preparations of back-to-back ceremonies…Everything about the marriage makes it way special and stand out! So …

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  • The Mangalsutra: A Sacred Symbol of Marital Union

    The Mangalsutra: A Sacred Symbol of Marital Union

    The word ‘mangalsutra‘ comprises of two Sanskrit words, Mangal and Sutra. Mangal means sacred or auspicious, while Sutra means cord. Thus, mangalsutra is a sacred thread that is tied around a woman’s neck during the wedding ceremony by her amidst holy chants, thereby giving her …

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  • Mehndi

    The significance of Mehndi in Indian Marriages by Raj Shah

    Indian marriages are known for their many rituals. In fact, the beauty of Indian weddings comes forth in the numerous traditions that are associated with a special celebration. Indian weddings are incomplete without dance, music and lots of laughter. Furthermore, Indian weddings are not a …

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  • Varmala Feature

    Tips to Choose Perfect Varmala or Jaimala for your Wedding

    Indian weddings are filled with so many colorful customs and rituals. One such beautiful ritual is the varmala or jaimala ceremony, where the bride and the groom exchange garlands to symbolize the start of their new journey together. Remember, this garland will be a part …

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  • Top 5 Color Trends Ftr Img

    Top 5 Color Trends for Winter Wedding Events

    A wedding that is distinctive and memorable is a wish many brides make for this important life event. Multi-faceted hues and dimensions of color are sure to leave an imprint, and moreover, are a characteristic trait of South Asian weddings. Weddings have always been affairs …

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  • Two Most Important

    Two Most Important, Essential Rituals in Hindu Weddings By Raj Shah

    In earlier wedding special issues of Desh-Videsh, I have discussed the importance of wedding rituals in Hindu weddings. A wedding for a Hindu family is not just a party and celebration, but it also fulfills one of the nine sanskars of life. In other words, …

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  • Wedding Garland: The Ritual of Varmala

    Wedding Garland: The Ritual of Varmala

    Marriage is a reality clothed in the magical attire of fantasy. It is a fairy tale that has its charming tentacles all over our minds and matter. Most often parents live to see this auspicious occasion in their young one’s lives. Sons and daughters wait …

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