chettinad saree

Wedding Trousseau: South Indian Sarees for Indian Brides

When it comes to an Indian bride’s wedding trousseau, sarees are a must-have. A part of India that is especially rich in terms of the different varieties of sarees it produces is South India. While everyone knows about Kanjeevaram and Mysore silk sarees, there are a lot more varieties to choose from. So, here’s a small guide on the types …


Paani Puri Shots Feature

Indian Dishes you can Serve in Shot Glasses at your Wedding

When it comes to their wedding, every couple wants to add some element to wow their guests and stand out from the rest! Wedding trends are constantly changing. One of the latest trends in weddings is the use of Shot Glasses. And, we are definitely not talking about alcohol. Shot Glasses are now becoming a favorite at weddings, be it …


Varmala Feature

Tips to Choose Perfect Varmala or Jaimala for your Wedding

Indian weddings are filled with so many colorful customs and rituals. One such beautiful ritual is the varmala or jaimala ceremony, where the bride and the groom exchange garlands to symbolize the start of their new journey together. Remember, this garland will be a part of most of your wedding day photos, so make the right choice. Here are tips …


Hair Feature

Things to Keep in Mind while Deciding your Wedding Hairstyle

On the wedding day, every bride wants to and should look impeccable from head to toe. It is a day when all eyes will be on her, following her every step. Dear brides, just as you take time out to prepare for your outfit, your jewelry, and your makeup, you need to think about your hairstyle as well. After all, …


Best Bollywood Songs for Groom’s Entrance

Indian wedding entrances are often grand, festive, and fun! More often than not, though, the bride is the first to come to mind when thinking of entrance songs. How she enters the venue, who will accompany her, and most importantly, what song will play as she walks down the aisle are all important details to plan. Well, dear grooms, you …


Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Many of us have become more environmentally conscious and aware of the resources we use and couples planning their weddings are no different. Eco-friendly weddings are on the rise, and if you are a green couple, then you are likely making conscious choices to incorporate your values and love for the environment into your wedding planning. One way to share …


Fusion Mini Desserts to Add to Your Wedding Menu

Make the dessert table at your wedding reception the talk of the town! For a unique twist, consider fusion and bite-size desserts that capture tradition and culture as well as a sense of adventure. The latest trend in the wedding food industry, mini-desserts are easy to eat and allow guests to sample a few items. Fusing Indian flavors with western …


Two Most Important, Essential Rituals in Hindu Weddings By Raj Shah

In earlier wedding special issues of Desh-Videsh, I have discussed the importance of wedding rituals in Hindu weddings. A wedding for a Hindu family is not just a party and celebration, but it also fulfills one of the nine sanskars of life. In other words, Marriage, for every Hindu, is not merely pleasure, or romantic love, but an act of …


Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

You’re excited that he proposed, and a date has been set! Now what? The last thing you want is unnecessary stress during this exciting time with the hassle and confusion of logistics and accommodations. Trust us when we say, “Work with Professionals!” On your wedding day, you don’t want to be worrying about anything besides walking down the aisle. Here …


Design & Décor Spotlight: Occasions by Shangri-la By Chris Vander Kaay

There are many skilled wedding décor and design companies throughout the United States, but when Smita Patel founded Occasions by Shangri-la back in 2005, it was because she recognized a void in the décor market during the weddings of two of her children (and Occasions co-founders), Remmal Karamsadkar and Rena Popat. REMMAL: Back then, there weren’t any design firms that …


Indian Skin Care Brands That Stay True to Ancient Rituals

Maintaining healthy skin is something in which Indians are masters. Many brands worldwide have begun to use natural ingredients well known in Indian skin care routines. Several new skincare brands founded and owned by Indians and Indian Americans are making miracles and helping people curate healthy, glowing skin. Here’s a look at some natural brands to add to your skin …



5 Must try Natural makeup Brands for Indians

If given the choice, many of us would choose natural products rather than chemical-laden cosmetics, which can be toxic for the skin. For first time users, selecting a brand that works can be confusing as there are so many from which to choose. Here’s a look at some must-try natural makeup brands, many of which are specially made for darker …


Haldi-Pithi ceremony - The Ritual of Love and Colors of Special Bond

Haldi-Pithi Ceremony – The Ritual of Love and Colors of Special Bond

Our Indian culture is everything extreme you can ever find in any form. Marriage is a special journey, and Indian marriages are world famous, definitely for many reasons! It is a journey which starts from engagement, combining the essence of Haldi-Pithi ceremony, and ends up taking Saath-phere by the Bride and the Groom. Haldi is very sacred to Hindu culture, …


Why Chooda covers are the next favorite for Brides?

Why Chooda Covers are the Next Favorite for Brides?

Everything about the Indian weddings is just great! Whether it’s the Haldi ceremony or the Mehndi, brides are taken care of at their best. And these days it’s been a hype of Chooda among the brides. The chooda is a famous Shaadi bangle, especially worn out by the brides on their big day. You can easily point out those exotic, …


Simple Yet Effective Ways To De-Stress Before Your Wedding

Wedding is one of the most beautiful, memorable and joyous moment in a person’s life. But, planning a wedding can be stressful and demanding. It involves a lot of checklists, running around, and chores. All of this can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. The last thing anyone wants is for this exhaustion and stress to show on their face …