• How To Choose A Bridal Mehndi Artist Title Page Ftr Img

    How to Choose a Bridal Mehndi Artist

    The mehndi ceremony at Indian weddings is not only a festive event, but it is also a ritual with auspicious and sentimental significance. Every Indian bride wants her wedding mehndi to be nothing less than perfect, whether it is the design or the color. The …

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  • Bharvi And Mithil 31

    How to Make your Mehendi Darker & Last Longer

    Be it a wedding or any festival, Indian women love to adorn their hands with mehendi. Mehendi or henna is a token of good omen and is also known for its medicinal properties, such as soothing headaches and stress. Every woman wants dark mehendi. This …

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  • Mehndi

    The significance of Mehndi in Indian Marriages by Raj Shah

    Indian marriages are known for their many rituals. In fact, the beauty of Indian weddings comes forth in the numerous traditions that are associated with a special celebration. Indian weddings are incomplete without dance, music and lots of laughter. Furthermore, Indian weddings are not a …

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