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How to Make your Mehendi Darker & Last Longer

How to Make your Mehendi Darker & Last LongerBe it a wedding or any festival, Indian women love to adorn their hands with mehendi. Mehendi or henna is a token of good omen and is also known for its medicinal properties, such as soothing headaches and stress.

Every woman wants dark mehendi. This is because of the significance behind its color. It is said, the darkness of the Mehendi color on a woman’s hand represents the deep love between her and her partner. Here are some before and after tips to get darker and longer-lasting mehendi.

#1. Clean hands

Wash your hands rigorously with soap and properly dry them before applying mehendi. Do not put any cream or moisturizer on your hands before the mehendi session, as that can prevent your skin from absorbing the henna.

Keep it on for as long as possible
#2. Keep it on for as long as possible

Give the henna a good amount of time to get absorbed. Do not try to remove it before it dries off properly. Do not use heaters and hair dryers to speed up the process. And make sure you do not wash your hands to remove the mehendi, always scrape it off by rubbing your hands together.

#3. Lemon & Sugar

Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar on your hands using a cotton ball at regular intervals. The lemon juice helps to activate the dye in henna, sugar helps it in sticking to your hands. But, do not overdo it.

#4. Clove fumes

In a pan heat a few cloves, and run your hands over the fumes. It will help to dry up the henna without ruining it and give it a darker color.

#5. Apply some balm

After scraping off the henna, apply any balm or Vicks on your hands. Keep this overnight as it can help to enhance the color of your mehendi.


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