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Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness

Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness

Grah Shanti: A First Step to Happiness

People often say that matches are made in heaven, so it is no surprise that many weddings begin with an auspicious step to placate the heavenly bodies. The Grah Shanti is often one of the first rituals to take place in an Indian wedding. Learn more about the significance of the Grah Shanti as well some tips to keep in mind.

What is the Grah Shanti pooja?

Indian customs call for various religious rituals to take place for different occasions. The Grah Shanti pooja is performed before the wedding rituals take place to receive the blessings of the ‘Grah,’ also known as the nine planets. Indians, from the ancient days, believe that the nine planets control the lives and destiny of people. This is why before two people tie the knot, acknowledging the planets or ‘Navagraha’ becomes quite essential to bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of the couple and the families. For Hindus, this pooja is usually performed two to three days before the wedding to ensure an auspicious start to the festivities. Hindus believe that this Grah Shanti pooja is not just about the planets, but also a way to invite God and ancestors to the wedding. Lord Ganesha is invoked at the beginning of the ceremony to remove all obstacles not only from the entire wedding ceremony, but also from the bride and groom’s married life.

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Reasons to Perform a Grah Shanti Pooja

Hindus believe that the Grah Shanti pooja can be beneficial for the couple and the families if they conduct the ceremony in a very ritualistic way. Many believe performing the Grah Shanti puja before the wedding ensures the couple and families will be blessed. Some reasons families perform this pooja include:

  • The Grah Shanti pooja washes away all negative energies of the people involved in the ritual ceremony.
  • The pooja brings health and wealth to the families of the bride and the bridegroom.
  • Many believe the ritual will protect the couple and families from the evil eye and reduce future hardships.
  • This ritual also assures us that the negative impact of either couple’s planet will not affect the other.


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Tips for a Blessed Grah Shanti

Traditionally during the Grah Shanti pooja, grooms wear comfortable clothing such as kurtas pyjama, sherwanis, and dhotis while brides wear saris or salwar kameez/churidhar. In keeping with ritual traditions, the pooja is performed while sitting on the floor so comfort is important. Couples should avoid black and white as these colors are considered ominous for any kind of religious occasion.

Above all, the commitment from both families of the couple must be shown while worshipping. The Grah Shanti Pooja is an opportunity to bring all your relatives under one roof. You will get the chance to be with family, relax, and make some lovely memories with them. ,, After all, marriage does not mean the union of two souls; instead, it is a union of two families whose happiness relies significantly on you. Sostart making preparations immediately and be fortunate with the blessings of Almighty.

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