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Navya and Nikhil

Navya Talluri was super impressed when she walked into Nikhil Patel’ Wayne University dorm room. The couple were dorm neighbors and met in an elevator 10 years before they decided to get married. Navya describes Nikhil’s room as “impressively neat and clean.” Her heart melted a little when Nikhil graciously offered her his biology log book.

This was an effortless college romance that blossomed over shared meals, long walks and even longer talks. Soon the two students became best friends and ventured into a love struck relationship. Nikhil gave Navya the best graduation day gift ever – a trip to Thailand where she could meet her favorite animal, elephants. Little did Navya know that these lovable mammals would be spectators to a splendid wedding proposal. Nikhil chose to propose to Navya when she was already having the time of her life by interacting with elephants at an elephant sanctuary. Navya recalls that she was delirious with happiness and doesn’t even remember what she said afterwards apart from yes.

Indian Couple Posing Outdoors

For the wedding, the couple wanted to keep things simple, creative and customized so they did most of the wedding planning themselves. Navya and Nikhil decided to hold their wedding events in Detroit since all their memories of dating and love were based there. They chose The Henry Autograph Collection for their wedding venue. The hotel is named in honor of United States veteran Henry Dearborn and known for its magnificent lobby adorned with vibrant contemporary art.

The mehendi function had a unique décor theme – DIY origami paper cranes reminiscent of the cute ones Nikhil used to make for Navya back in college. The sangeet featured a feast of Indian street food arranged by cute little carnival themed food stations. And of course, the event included lots of dancing! DJ Naveen Sharma played an eclectic mix of garba music for the couple’s garba night as both the bride and groom were fans of party songs.

Since Navya and Nikhil chose to have only the wedding and not a reception, they channeled all their energy into making sure that the function was special and intimate. First, Nikhil arrived in a white horse drawn carriage to funky live music arranged by DJ Ice and Fresh Productions. The couple also created a customized monogram that they put on takeaway bags and table runners. Their unique wedding program even included crossword puzzles based on Navya and Nikhil’s life.

Although they planned to do a first look, it wasn’t possible, so the first time the two saw each other was at the mandap. Navya will never forget the look on Nikhil’s face when he first saw her. It was at this unforgettable moment that the couple realized that they would finally be married – a moment for which they waited for more than ten years.

Beautifully Captured by Strokes Photography

BANQUET HALLS The Henry Autograph Collection 313-441-2000 |DECORATOR Marigold Wedding Planners 248-250-4066 | DISC JOCKEY DJ Ice and Fresh 734-320-5491 | Naveen Productions 248-797-9707 | HAIR AND MAKEUP Hair by Aysha 734-635-3687 | MEHNDI Henna Beauty by Krupa 248-457-5318 | PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHY Strokes Photography 647-999-6838 | Capturing Arts 586-477-8161| RESTAURANT/CATERING Ashoka Indian Cuisine 248-689-7070 | Taste of India Suvai 734-327-6500| HORSE CARRIAGE Ann Arbor Carriage Company 734-663-9033 | PRIEST Prasad Bhat 734-383-1872

Gorgeous Indian Bride Holding Coconut for Indian Wedding Rituals Great Decor at the wedding Venue The Henry Autograph Collection
Detailed look of indian Bride Detailed look of Indian Groom
Hair by Ayasha Grooming Indian bride for her big day
Indian bride posing with her friends
Indian Bride posing with Family
Indian Bride doing wedding rituals
Indian Bride holding coconut in hands
Indian bride Posing for a photo
Lovey lobby at The Henry Autograph Collection
Portrait look of Indian Bride
Bride Posing for a photo shoot
 Indian Groom having good time with friends before the ceremony
Wedding foot-ware of Indian bride Gorgeous bridal lengha
Bride bending down to her parents Indian bride doing wedding rituals
Bride wearing footwear for her big day Detailed look of indian bridal jewelry
Indian bride posing for a photoshoot Bride giving hug to her mother
Grooms Wedding outfit Groom posing for the photo

Handsome Indian groom Picture
Groom posing with his Friends
Groom posing with horse provided by Ann Arbor Carriage Company
Groom arriving at the baraat
Friends and family Dancing at the Wedding Baraat
Indian Groom Dancing at the baraat
Friends and Family having fun outside wedding venue
Friends and Family having fun outside wedding venue
Indian groom entering wedding hall
Indian groom entering wedding hall
Wedding Rituals before Groom Enters the Banquet Hall

Groom After entering the Wedding Hall
Parents escorting Groom to the Mandap Priest Prasad Bhat Doing Indian wedding Rituals
Indian Couple posing in Wedding Chauri Indian couple pouring wheat to fire
Indian Couple circling around the fire Indian groom wears Mangalsutra to the Bride
Groom applying Sindoor to Bride Beautiful Chauri decor by Marigold Wedding Planners
Indian bride entering to the wedding function
Bride Entering Indian Wedding Mandap
Indian Wedding Traditions
Garland Exchange ceremony
Garland Exchange ceremony at Indian wedding
Amazing Indian Wedding Chauri Decor
Great picture captured by Strokes Photography
Indian grooms parents with indian couple
Indian Wedding rituals
After wedding Ceremony rituals
Bride wears ring to the groom
Secret message to the bride from grooms Mother
Amazing Capture of Indian Couple
Taking Good Blessings from Grand Mother
Officially Married
Indian Couple Posing for the photo
Indian Couple looking at each-other's eyes Indian groom Kissing on the forehead
Holding hands Forever Indian couple posing outdoors
Post Wedding Photoshoot Amazing outdoor capture by Capturing Arts and Strokes Photography
Couple looking into eachother's Eyes
Big family Picture
Leaving the wedding Venue after the Wedding
Family Picture
Couple posing with guests
Couple Posing with friends for a photo
Indian Couple looking in each other's Eyes
Amazing Capture Of indian Couple
Lovely pose for photoshoot
Outdoor Photoshoot

Navya Talluri

Nikhil Patel

Wayne University of Michigan

Trip to Thailand

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Indian Music DJ by Naveen Productions

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Deepali and Ajay

Funnily, Deepali, marketing specialist, and Ajay, quality engineer, each have different versions of their “how we met story.” Deepali insists they met at a cousin’s wedding in Dallas, but Ajay insists that he was first taken in by Deepali’s picture on the Shaadi.com app, and then smitten with her smile at the wedding. In fact, he re-subscribed to the app just to pursue his hopes of getting to know her. Deepali thought that guy “Ajay” holding up the sheet and serving lunch at her cousin’s wedding was “very cute,” and she tried to engage him actively in conversations.

Ajay’s proposal came just six months after the couple first met. The unique proposal involved a treasure hunt complete with math problems and interesting questions as well as shopping and salon trips, snacking, and town hopping in a party bus. The fact that the entire family was involved in setting up the props, planning, and helping in the exciting treasure hunt made the proposal even sweeter for the couple. When Deepali finally met Ajay at the top of a staircase, he got to one knee and popped the question!

Gorgeous Indian Couple Posing Outdoors

When Deepali and Ajay began wedding planning, their project management and process control skills kicked in and managed to pull off DIY decor for the mehendi, pithi and garba. The mehendi took place in Deepali’s backyard, which was elegantly refurbished with a wooden stage and a classy backdrop stand made with mirror-studded black and gold painted PVC pipes. For the pithi, the family constructed a huge tent with a peacock-embellished cloth (from India) decorated with artificial Indian marigolds to add a traditional look to the event. The garba was hosted at 502 East Event Center, and Deepali’s family constructed a gorgeous DIY centerpiece from peacock feathers, ethnic cloth and dandiya sticks. Deepali’s sister was the “mehendi wali,” and she made sure that the football loving bride got her favorite football team logos, Colts and Patriots, etched in the designs. Ajay showed off his engineering skills by creating unique snack boxes full of activity ideas to keep the guests entertained. He also created jumbo sized gold painted table numbers out of cardboard boxes that the couple later used as photo props while posing with their guests!

The “in sync” couple showed off how well matched they were at the reception with a gorgeous green-gold theme. Deepali’s mint green dress and forest green accessories complimented Ajay’s velvet green jacket. The happy couple swayed to the rhythm of Lukas Graham’s “Love Someone” for their first dance. Deepali and Ajay are the perfect example of how love can make the whole world go around!

Indian Couple Captured by DARS PhotographyIndian Couple Holding hands Forever

BANQUET HALLS 502 East Event Center 317-843-1234 | CATERING India Sizzling 317-845-5500 | DECORATOR Indiana Wedding Decorators 317-590-3166 | DISC JOCKEY DJ Mavi Productions 513-885-1679 |CAKE Classic Cakes 317-844-6901 | Sweet & Savory 317-802-9004 | Dunkin’ Donuts 317-853-6581 | HAIR AND MAKEUP Bhavika Pandya 317-502-7465 | | HORSE/CARRIAGE Blue Ribbon Carriages 317-631-4169 | MEHNDI Mendhika – Creations by Krupali 317-656-7271 | PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHY DARS Photography 847-250-7613 | Visionaries Video 317-829-4010 |

Indian bride and Groom posing Infront of Supercar Beautifully Captured by DARS Photography Groom guiding Bride at the Wedding Venue Deepali And Ajay Posing at the Car Beautiful Hair and Make-up By Bhavika Pandya Lovely Ring for Ring Ceremony Food Capture By DARS Photography Beautiful Photo of Couple Indian Couple Posing For a Photo Indian Couple Posing Outdoors Picture Lovely mehndi Design by Mendhika – Creations by Krupali Indian Bride and Groom Posing Beautiful Henna by Mendhika – Creations by Krupali Indian Bride wearing Heels Lovely Capture of Indian Bride And Groom Detailed Look of Indian bride Tight hug by Indian Groom Haldi Ceremony Picture of indian Bride Indian Couple having fun in the photoshoot Indian Wedding Venue 502 East Event Center Indian Groom Arriving at the Baraat in Carriage by Blue Ribbon Carriages Indian Wedding Rituals Eating goodies after the Wedding Ceremony Indian Couple Posing With Family After Wedding Ceremony Indian bride's Picture Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Of Indian Couple By DARS Photography Indian Couple Holding hands Forever Gorgeous Indian Wedding Decor by Indiana Wedding Decorators Pre Wedding Pictures Indian Couple Posing Before the Wedding Indian Friends And Family at Haldi Ceremony Haldi Ceremony picture Bride Posing With Family Members at Haldi Ceremony Indian Bride Posing Outdoors Monochrome Effect of Indian Couple Picture Indian Wedding ReceptionCharming Indian Couple Posing Handsome Indian GroomHaldi Ceremony Joining hands to AlmightyHenna Design by Mendhika – Creations by Krupali Mehndi Design by Henna Design by Mendhika – Creations by Krupali Lovely hair by Bhavika Pandya Indian Bride Capture Outdoors Haldi ceremony Picture of Indian Bride Amazing Capture Of Indian Bride at Haldi ceremonyIndian bride posing after Mehndi Ceremony Indian Bride Posing with her Pet Lovely Cookies Decor Indian Bride Wearing GhunghrooAmazing Welcome Message hangers Lovely horse carriage by Blue Ribbon Carriages

Ajay and Deepali Indian Wedding in Dallas

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Kruti and Nishant

Kruti, a physician assistant, and Nishant, a marketing manager, were never firm believers in dating. Interestingly, however, the online app Dil Mil changed their opinions. The two found themselves spending hours in each other’s company online. From romantic weekends away and virtual dates to phone calls and FaceTimes, the pair didn’t take long to realize it was time to move forward with their long-distance relationship.

The proposal came as a surprise for Kruti. Spending a luxurious weekend in Miami, Florida, on Valentine’s Day seemed the ideal opportunity for Nishant to ask the much-awaited question. Since Kruti loves the water and the beach, Nishant surprised her by renting a boat. They both sat on the boat while enjoying the evening and listening to music. As the sun began to set and paint a gorgeous backdrop, Nishant held Kruti’s hand and smiled. He told her how much he loved her and instead of talking on FaceTime, he wanted to wake up with her every day. He asked Kruti to marry him, and she was so surprised this was happening, that shocked and excited she screamed “Yes!”

Indian Bride and Groom Posing for a photo

After the romantic proposal, the couple spent several months on phone calls, FaceTime and in meetings planning for their big day. They decided to hand over wedding planning to Apsara Events and agreed to host a destination wedding at Hilton Clearwater Beach in Florida.

The Grah Shanti puja kicked off the festivities and was followed by a sangeet, wedding ceremony, and reception. Their sangeet was a festive event that took place on a beautifully decorated yacht, the Starship, and succeeded in getting the guests ready for what was to come.

Finally, the much-awaited moment arrived and the groom rode to his baraat on horseback. Kruti and Nishant’s wedding was a grand affair with nearly 350 guests at the Hilton Clearwater Beach in Florida. The event was vibrant and colorful with beautiful floral décor and a floating Lord Ganesha designed by Nikun Events. The beautiful couple were married in the presence of their family on the beach against the perfect backdrop of a floating Ganesha and beyond that the majestic ocean. A live violinist added to the mood and created the perfect ambiance for Kruti and Nishant’s wedding.

Nikun Events continued the amazing designs for the reception. Kruti and Nishant walked out to “Aankh Maarey,” and then added their own touches and choreographed their own first dance, which was a mix of famous Bollywood hits such as “Ishq Wale Love,” “Ladki Badi Anjani Hai,” “Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani,” and “Dil Leyge.” DJ Firoz of Dudha Productions kept the mood celebratory and the couple and their guests literally danced their feet off!

The events were over in just a few days, but Kruti and Nishant have glorious memories to last them a lifetime!

Splendid Outdoor Shoot of Indian Couple

BANQUET HALLS Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa 727-461-3222 | CATERING Khasiyat Indian Restaurant 407-252-8756 | DECORATOR Nikun Events 407-448-7128 | DISC JOCKEY Dudha Productions 727-418-8498 |EVENT PLANNER Apsara Events 727-687-8185 | HAIR AND MAKEUP Makeup by Z 813-600-8309 | Michele Renee The Studio and Salon 813-531-7770 | Seva beauty 813-464-5789 | HORSE/CARRIAGE St Petersburg Carriages 727-365-2194 | KULFI / ICE CREAM Ice Spice Cafe 813-591-1758 | LIGHTING 2 Livebots 954-203-4254 | MEHNDI Bridal Henna 01 727-459-6448 | Henna Allure 321-444-5911 | MUSICIAN Sunset Strings LLC 239-322-9856 | PAINTER Jacob Event Painting 207-333-8091 | PHOTO BOOTH Snapshoot Photobooth 813-501-7627 | PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHY Castaldo Studios LLC 407-347-8926 | PRIEST Acharya Ramesh Mehta 813-453-9334

Lovely Capture by Castaldo Studio
Photoshoot Before the Wedding
Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Amazing Capture of Groom Opening Champagne
Holding Hands Forever
Indian Couple Posing outdoors
Casual Photo Shoot of Indian Couple  Indian Couple Arriving at the Mandap
Photoshoot after the Indian Wedding ceremony Indian Groom Sitting on the knees
Indian Couple Arriving At the Ceremony Venue
Gorgeous Portrait Capture of Indian Bride Portrait Capture of Indian Bride
Lovely Indian Bride
Indian Bride and Groom Dancing at Sangeet Function
Indian Couple Posing at the reception
Indian Couple Dancing at the reception
Indian Mehndi Design
Wonderful Decor At Indian Wedding Reception by Nikun Events
Wonderful Decor At Indian Wedding Reception by Nikun Events
Indian Couple Kissing Each other at the Reception
Indian Wedding Decorations
Haldi Ceremony at Indian WeddingIndian Bride Posing at haldi Ceremony Indian Couple Posing After haldi Ceremony Indian Couple Holding hands and giving Pose Gorgeous Pose by indian Couple in Haldi OutfitHolding Hands Forever Posing In Indian Wedding Outfit Indian Destination Wedding Outfit Indian Couple Posing Indian Couple Holding hands Outdoors Indian Couple Kissing at the Beach Indian Couple Entrance at the Wedding Indian Couple Kissing Outdoors Amazing Capture of Indian Couple Friends Bride Posing With Bridesmaids Indian Couple posing Outdoors Indian Couple Posing Outdoors Indian Friends and Family Outfits Friends having fun at photoshoot Indian Couple Posing Outdoors Engagement Photoshoot Engagement Ring Photograph Indian Groom Dancing at the Baraat Amazing Capture outdoors Gorgeous Photo Captured by Castaldo Studios Wonderful capture in Blue Color Outfit Indian Couple Having Fun at the wedding After Wedding Ceremony Pose Indian Bride With Friends Amazing Capture at Indian Temple Posing GroomsMen Indian couple posing at the Beach Indian Couple Posing With BridesmaidsIndian Couple posing after Mehndi Ceremony Beautifully captured by Castaldo Studios Amazing cake by Ice Spice Cafe Indian Wedding Jewelry Gorgeous Indian Bride Outfit Indian Wedding Outfit Gorgeous Picture Capture Indian Groom Outfit Amazing Henna by Bridal Henna Mehndi Kruti and Nishant Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography by Castaldo Studios Gorgeous Outdoor Capture Indian Couple Posing for a photoshoot Gorgeous Indian Wedding Jewelry Groom Giving Flowers to Bride Posing Outdoors Indian Couple Posing on the Beach

Indian Online Dating App Dil Mil

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Bollywood Song for Indian Wedding Ishq Wala Love

Bollywood Song for Sangeet Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani

Groom arrives on horseback to Baraat

Indian wedding in Florida

Indian Wedding Baraat

Sangeet Party Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

Indian Wedding Banquet Halls Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

Indian Wedding Photography by Castaldo Studios

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Indian Bridal Makeup by Makeup by Z

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