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Welcome to Sari Plus An online catalog boutique featuring exclusive collection of classic to contemporary saris and artful jewelry. A Customer satisfaction is our preeminent objective and is reflected in our service. We strive to keep the prices low; hence, when you buy from us, you can keep faith that you are paying a right price.

We are a family-owned business based in Orlando, Florida, established in 2007.We are very flexible in our approach and will go the extra mile to cater your requirements.We do not eschew quality for price – our products are made with high quality fabrics and materials. From Silk and Chiffon to intricate embroidery work, we ensure to maintain every facet at a superior standard.

Some crucial details you should expect in your overall experience with us:

  • Flat and fair pricing – choose any sari for $120.
  • Locally owned – all the orders are shipped from Orlando, Florida.
  • Exclusive collection – you won’t find our products on any other website.
  • Helpful and friendly customer service – we are all ears, always.
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Sari Plus

embroidery work

high quality fabrics

artful jewelry

online catalog boutique

Sari Plus in Orlando, Florida

Silk and Chiffon intricate embroidery work

Flat and fair pricing

Exclusive collection

classic to contemporary saris