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Off-site vs. On-site Venues: Choosing the Perfect Venue

By Brittany Ellis Cole, Owner of Eventrics Weddings
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In planning a wedding, one of the biggest decisions for a couple is choosing a venue. We know that finding the perfect venue can seem impossible at times. Rest assured, the perfect venue can be achieved with a little creativity, a solid plan and reliable help. There are a ton of factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate venue for your big day. An appropriate venue is one that suits your theme, accommodates your guest list and fits your wedding budget.

We’ve learned that sometimes it takes a lot of creativity to achieve the wedding of your dreams. We often see this with brides who opt for an off-site wedding venue. An off-site venue does not provide staffing, catering, rentals etc. An on-site venue would be a hotel or a well-equipped event venue. An example of this would be a privately owned estate. Honestly, some of our most memorable weddings take place at off-site venues and we highly recommend this route if you’re looking for a unique setting. Here are some major factors to consider in choosing an off-site versus on-site venue.

  1. Equipment and Rentals
    The typical on-site venue provides a menu of vendor services including catering, linens, equipment and rental supplies. There are pro’s and con’s to these services built into on-site venue offerings. One major downside is the lack of options and variety. However, one benefit of on-site vendor services is that you are not responsible for delivering event supplies to your venue. Whereas, hosting your big day at off-site venue does require a logistics plan to ensure that all of your event supplies are delivered (or brought by you and your team). Often times, an off-site venue demands additional power supply as well as event insurance.
  2. Guest Transportation
    Another major factor to consider is transportation for your guests from the hotel to the venue or from the ceremony to the venue. Transportation does become an issue when there is not enough parking for all your guests. We generally recommend hiring a shuttle service to bus guests to the venue and from a designated parking area. It’s very important to develop a solid transportation plan with your wedding planner.
  3. Lodging
    Since off-site venues do not offer lodging, it’s important to secure room blocks at more than one hotel for your guests. We recommend offering a high and low price point that way all of your guests can take advantage discounted rates and social time at the hotel.

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In a nutshell, off-site venues require more planning and coordination but you have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind wedding for you and your guests. An experienced wedding planner will help you tackle all of your planning and logistical challenges one at a time.

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