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Fashion for a Soulful Wedding by Siddhi Desai

Fashion for a Soulful Wedding
by Siddhi Desai
I love our Indian wedding season for many reasons. First, it’s amazing to be able to share in the culmination and excitement of two discrete people falling so madly in love with each other that they decide to spend the rest of their lives together as one, working together from that day forward on turning each other’s lifelong dreams into reality. It’s an immensely beautiful and exciting journey that two people are committing to be on together forever.
Fashion for a Soulful Wedding by Siddhi Desai

Next, I find it so refreshing to be able to meet so many people that I haven’t had a chance to see or keep in touch with in a long time other than on social media. I love meeting up with old friends and family from years past as hearing about the progress they have made in their lives, especially for my most authentic relationships, warms my inner soul and brings me great joy.

Indian designer
Hand loomed pure Hyderabadi silk saree worn with intricately designed Indian jewelry. Wearing my art and heritage, wearing my pride, feeling rooted.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Indian weddings allow us to experience and enjoy our exquisite culture of art, rituals and traditions, food, fun, and frolicking. Rooted in spirituality, our extensive wedding rituals serve as a catalyst in our culture in creating an incredibly strong and indelible bond of marital union and rich values, which are founded on the premise of always putting family first. We grow up seeing the beauty of our parents’ and grandparents’ marriages and their love, tolerance, and understanding for each other which serves as inspiration for our own marriages. Of course, a soulful wedding wouldn’t be complete without soulful wedding fashion!

As I previously expressed my love for handloom fabrics in last month’s article, I have worn some of my favorite handloom silk pieces with some of my favorite jewelry and accessories in the accompanying images to illustrate some examples of soulful Indian wedding fashion.

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Infinite Loop Photography
Jerry Cantave
Indian Saree
Wearing one of my favorite handloom sarees. The intricate hand weaving of this saree
is impeccable and absolutely delightful. Adorned with Rodarte earrings and hand-made
headband by Jennifer Behr. Matching kids’ outfits designed myself and custom-made by
Pannali ( Wearing my art and heritage, wearing my pride, feeling soulful.

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About the Author

Siddhi Desai is currently a stay-at-home mom residing in Parkland, FL, with her two young children and husband. She is a cancer researcher by training holding BSc and MSc degrees in Biotechnology. Siddhi has always held deep passions and diverse interests in the realms of science, spirituality, and fashion. Follow her on Instagram @siddhidesai9999 for additional musings and pictures on all things fashion and lifestyle.