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A New Tradition on the Horizon- Indian Wedding Registries

By Brittany Ellis Cole, Owner of Eventrics Weddings
Indian weddings are rich in tradition and age-old rituals that have been practiced for hundreds of years. However, some western wedding customs have influenced the way Indian couples are doing things, especially the wedding registry. Traditionally, Indian couples do not register for gifts instead they accept cards and well wishes for their wedding weekend. Wedding registries are slowly becoming a commonly accepted practice among conventional Indian couples and their families.There are a few ways to approach a wedding registry. The most common type of registry is through nationwide department stores. This is where you would go to register for your china and stemware. But we’re seeing more and more couples create a Honeymoon Registry, anonline platform that allows guests to help fund a fabulous honeymoon for newlyweds. In considering a honeymoon registry, be sure to select a secure and trusted website that offers a mobile app. You will find it very helpful to check the mobile app on a regular basis while planning your honeymoon. A honeymoon registry isn’t the best fit for every couple but it’s great for couples that don’t need household items and china.
If you’re planning to create a registry, we recommend going to a nationwide department store and meeting with a wedding registry consultant. But before meeting with a consultant, consider the following items and you’ll be prepared to create a smart wedding registry.

  • Think Outside the Box
    Most newlyweds are moving into a new place and there are many things you need to furnish and decorate it. We recommend registering for fun décor items such as picture frames, mirrors and vases. It’s always nice to provide a few unconventional gift ideas for the guests who know you best. We love that it’s a unique gift that is on display rather than tucked away in a drawer or china cabinet. It would be smart to consider asking for functional gifts like a digital camera or KitchenAid Mixer.
  • Don’t Worry About Completing the List
    Most major retailers will provide a discount on items that were not purchased on your registry. We recommend leaving the registry open for a least one year after your wedding date. It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to purchase registry items for holidays and birthdays. Also, don’t be afraid to return uncompleted sets. If you only receive 4 out of 8 sets of china plates, return what you have and purchase a packaged dining set that has a similar design.
  • Consider How Your Lifestyle Will Change
    As a married couple, you will most likely be entertaining more in the years to come. We recommend registering for that turkey platter and gravy boat, even if you won’t be using it for a while. Also, most couples are asking for serving dishes for hors d’oeuvres and desserts that are great for entertaining friends and family.
  • Write Thank You Notes as Gifts Come In
    Every couple knows sending a thoughtful thank-you note is Wedding Etiquette 101. To eliminate hours of writing, we recommend writing and sending thank-you cards as you receive your gifts no matter when they come in. Keep in mind that it is customary to send out thank-you notes two weeks after your wedding. In your message, consider mentioning a detail about the gift and how you’re planning to using it.
  • Don’t Leave Anything Out
    Be sure to register for enough gifts so that all of your guests can purchase one or two items from your lists. Don’t hesitate to include smaller ticket items in with your larger more expensive gifts. It’s important to allow all guests the opportunity to purchase a gift for you, big or small. Most couples have found that smaller items will be purchased in addition to a large gift.

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