Invitations Set the tone for your wedding

Invitations Set the tone for your wedding

Indian Wedding invitation card - ganeshWhat can be more inviting than a beautiful wedding invitation card wrapped with ribbons and bows accompanied by a box of mithai or scrumptious chocolates, a wine bottle, or a special souvenir? Nothing perhaps as the warmth that a beautiful invitation card along with a small gift exudes matches no other. Style and warmth, this is the current contemporary style of Indian wedding invitations.

Weddings start with the distribution of wedding cards and for an ideal wedding, the invitation card is considered the most significant element as it further sets the trend and theme for the final day. The well-planned and modern-day style of invitation cards sometimes also reflects the style that the couple has chosen for their happy day.

“The use of fabrics like silk and zari along with motifs and embellishments is the latest trend for invite cards. Besides sweet boxes and decorated potis, jewelry boxes are also being used for distributing sweets,” says Aruna Shah of Invitation cards have been a part of Indian customs for so many years now; they are distributed to make the guests feel special. A good invitation card marks the beginning of a wedding and makes the first impression on the mind of the guest.

The tradition of distributing cards is still the same but there has been a metamorphosis in the way they are presented. Nowadays, the style and design of the invitation cards are not same as traditional and ethnic cards, which were used earlier. Neha Shah from explains, “Nowadays, people opt for subtle and simple styles for invitation cards. Surprisingly, the western trend of wine and chocolates has taken over the traditional mithai which is given along with invitation cards.”

Indian Wedding invitation cardThe transformation of the traditional way of distributing an invitation on a leaf or a piece of paper along with homemade sweets to designer invitations along with valuable gifts exhibits the avant-garde style of distributing cards. And the themes that are doing the rounds in the market are plenty with some being really interesting. “The latest fad is the Jodhaa Akbar theme, inspired by the magnificent jewelry and opulence. People are going for invitation cards that are embellished with kundan and other stones,” recounts Aruna Shah from

The concept and style of wedding invitations is important, as they are a part of the big day celebrations; the way guests are invited also reflects the exclusivity, elegance and presentation of the upcoming wedding. Any neglected details of the invitation would be a sign of how randomly the wedding plans have been made. “Unconventional and creative designing of the invitation card is important as it says a lot about the people who invite their guests,” reflects Mukesh Soni from Price Cards. “People focus on the design and style, as the crowd is moving towards extravagant and offset designing,” he adds.

Indian Wedding invitation card - hinduThe new age invite has evolved from the standard white paper and script-writing but the way the cards have imbibed that old-fashioned thrill, updated with modern twists and new designs, these cards make a fashion statement in their own way. Your wedding stationery is not only a significant knick-knack of your wedding, it is also a perfect souvenir.

Here is information and tips to find the perfect wedding invitation for people who wish to get some significant tips regarding wedding invitations.

Convey your Theme
Whether planning a casual affair or an enviable magnificent event to rival all weddings, the look of your invitation should reflect your idea and should give your guests some insight on the way the party would be hosted.

Complete Ensemble
These days one card stuffed in a envelope and send out as a wedding invitation is thing of the past. When you think about invitation card you have to think complete ensemble, from the save the date card to the thank you card. The ensemble usually includes the save the date card, wedding invitation with matching envelope, RSVP card with matching envelope, place cards, wedding programs, and the last but definitely not least of all, is the thank you card. When you think of your reception, you think of every small detail and each and every item has to match in color as well as your theme. You have to think same way when it comes to your wedding invitation.

Indian Wedding invitation card - muslimAdd a Little Warmth
Let your guests feel special. Send a small token or a gift in the form of a box, wine bottle or chocolates along with the invitation, which goes along with your wedding theme. Do mention the dress code for all the events in your invitation because it is important for the guests to follow the same theme so that they feel a part of the wedding.

Wedding invitations are not just sheer invitations that you distribute at other occasions. True are the words that a wedding invitation card is not just a piece of paper, it is the couple’s wish to inform the whole world how much they love each other, and that they want their dear and near ones to witness their formal unison.

A formal, engraved invitation is as out of place at a garden wedding as a brightly colored hand-written invitation is at a formal, black tie affair. The style of your wedding will dictate the style of your invitations.

Indian Wedding invitation card - sikhAllow enough time for your invitations to be shipped to you and for you to address them. Invitations should be mailed four to six weeks prior to the wedding, so order your invitations at least four months prior to the wedding.

The most proper way to address an invitation is to have it done by a calligrapher or to address it by hand yourself. Some couples choose to address them via computer, which is acceptable for a more casual invitation. Address the envelope directly, not on a label.

Order a few more invitations than you think you will need; it’s much less expensive to order 150 invitations than to have to re-order an additional 25. Also, order extra envelopes in case you make mistakes while addressing them. For a small fee, you can also order the envelopes to arrive in advance of the invitation cards.