Tips for Planning a Successful Fusion Wedding

Tips for Planning a Successful Fusion Wedding Tips for Planning a Successful Fusion Wedding

Fusion weddings can be difficult to plan with different religious and cultural backgrounds, and to add to it, different customs. You may want to plan a beautiful fusion wedding by giving a nod to both your cultures.

At Desh-Videsh we have listed our top 10 tips to make the planning process less cumbersome and help you pull off a fabulous and successful fusion wedding.

Incorporate details
from each of your
cultural traditions
like food and

Communicate: Communicate openly with your fiancé, with both sides of the family. Discuss which traditions they would like to incorporate.

Avoid faux-pas: Educate each of your families on what would be considered inappropriate behavior in the other’s community.

Hire a wedding planner familiar with multicultural weddings: Finding a wedding planner who is familiar with your ceremonies will help take the weight off your shoulders on such a busy day.

Pick the right venue: Pick a venue that will accommodate your wedding, and know the rules.

Personalize your invitations: In the invitations be creative, show how you’ll incorporate both backgrounds into your special day. Include fun elements about both cultures – favorite recipe, region, etc.

Create a ceremony program for guests: Your guests may not be aware of the customs you’re including. Design a ceremony program to keep your loved ones informed about important traditions.

Wear outfits from both cultures: Give a nod to both the cultures by wearing outfits from your as well as your partner’s culture.

Engage both cultures: Incorporate details from each of your cultural tradition like food and music. Have fusion food from both backgrounds is a great way to make guests from both sides feel comfortable and explore a new cuisine. Include a playlist of songs from both cultures.

Hand out welcome bags: Gifts are always welcome. Include your favorite ethnic treats, trinkets and tokens from your heritage, for example, Indian bangles.

Be yourself and showcase your style: Keep our unique style.