You Hired Your Vendors

You Hired your Vendors – Now What? – Tips to Manage your Vendors By Brittany Cole

Congratulations! You have hired your vendor team. If you’re curious on what the next steps are there are quite a few! But not to worry our simple and easy tips can help you navigate through the process.

Break it down: We recommend breaking down your questions and important details to cover with each vendor by category.


Ensure you are clear on who your point of contacts are throughout the months leading to the wedding date. Questions or concerns might arise and having a solid communication is important from the start!

Vendor Communication:

Ensure each of your vendors are aware of who your team is! The Indian wedding planning industry is fairly small and even smaller if most all your vendors are local. Chances are they have worked together in the past making the communication process with your entire team that much easier.

On-site management Load in, set times and strike times. Very important each and every vendor is on the same page about what time they have access to the space, what time the events need to be set by and ready for guests and what times the event concludes to begin break down (especially if you are flipping the same space for multiple events).

Remember communication is the key to any successful wedding weekend by starting the process early you set yourself up for an incredible event.

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