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Ashley and Jayant

Jayant and Ashley met through Facebook. ?Jayant had posted a cute video about his daughter, and one of their mutual friends had commented. ?Ashley saw the video, thought it was adorable, and started a conversation. ?They just clicked. ?Despite living several hundred miles apart, they fell for each other hard. ?The trips between British Columbia and Oregon were tough, but worth it. ?

Jayant knew that Ashley was the one, and decided to propose this April. ?They had a trip together in Washington planned, and Jayant knew it was the perfect opportunity. ?So, he contacted us to make sure that it was all captured.Staying inconspicuous with a long lens on a not-super-crowded beach was tricky, but Ashley didn’t notice anyone but Jayant. ?

He told her that he had a surprise and made her close her eyes. ?Then he got down on one knee. ?Ashley’s reaction was so sweet, and they both were grinning ear to ear. ?

A few minutes later, Jayant pointed me out to Ashley, who just laughed that she hadn’t spotted me. ?I captured a few photos of them that were more portrait style, then sent them on their way to enjoy dinner with their families and celebrate.

Photographer:  Melissa Miksch Photography 360-430-1883