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When you’re in the “trenches” of medical school, it helps to have someone along with you. That similar professional commitment made Ronak Gandhi and Milee Patel closer to each other. Both Gandhi and Patel found their soulmates, the love of their lives in each other. The budding doctors started dating back in 2016 as first-year students at the same medical school. Finally, when they were about to relocate to Texas for residency, Gandhi proposed to Patel. It was the beginning of the COVID pandemic with worries and negativity everywhere. However, the two lovers made the best of the situation. Gandhi took Patel to Vizcaya Gardens, her favorite place in Miami, and asked for her hand in marriage. It was the “best day” for Patel, and of course, the answer was an emphatic “YES!”

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They decided to tie the marital knot on November 27, 2022. Since both are from South Florida, Gandhi and Patel decided to choose a venue nearby for the convenience of their family and friends. The search for the perfect place ended faster than they expected. When the couple arrived at their first location, the Hilton at West Palm Beach, they instantly agreed that it was perfect! The weekend was colorful and festive with the tune of togetherness and traditions interwoven with flowers, music, and celebration all around. They celebrated Mehndi, Haldi, and Garba as pre-wedding ceremonies. The Mehndi had an elephant theme, Patel’s favorite animal. The elephant was used in various innovative and creative ways, including as centerpieces on numerous tables and as fruit-filled chocolate desserts. A few elephants even made the stage! The Haldi and Garba ceremonies were both traditional. The Garba featured a beautiful idol of Radha-Krishna adorning the event. Beautiful lights and live music made for a perfect ambience. Both Gandhi and Patel, being fond of donuts, had a “donut wall” at the Garba with donuts from the famous Salty Donuts. There was a surprise entry dance, too. Towards the end of the night, lights were turned down and music was turned, as they danced the night away, just like at a reception. For the marriage ceremony, Patel desired a simple and elegant décor without any excess. The comfort of her 450 guests was her top priority. The wedding took place indoors with pink and white flowers on the mandap and the aisle. Popular Bollywood music dominated the setlist. Gandhi arrived on a horse with the Baraat and entered with Patel’s family members. There was a bridal party walking down the aisle before Patel made her entrance. The live band standing up to the guests, the catwalk, and the total festive spirit made it a lively and fun-filled experience for the The parents of the couple worked for over a year to make this event memorable, and their joint efforts were certainly a success. Thus, the soulmates became life partners with dreams for the golden days ahead.guests.

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