Bhuiyan Panum Photography By Dor NS 4 Low 1

Naved Bhuiyan & Shazida Panum

Shazida and Naved had their 2-day wedding celebration in West Palm Beach, FL. They had a portrait session at the beach with smoke bombs near their 1st day celebration venue and Lake Worth, FL. Then had a 2nd day celebration in West Palm Beach Hilton. They also partied with their bridal party in their private party bus. Though their initial wedding was out of state, they chose to celebrate in South Florida with family and friends as well. This album showcases a fun pink palette for their first day and a darker navy palette for their 2nd day.

Event Venue: Lake Worth Casino Building and Beach Complex |  Event Designer : Simz Events | Reception Venue : Hilton Palm Beach Airport | Photographer : Photography By Dor | Hair Stylist : Sumaiya Waheed



Simz Events

Sumaiya Waheed

Hilton Palm Beach Airport

Lake Worth Casino Building and Beach Complex

Photography By Dor