Pooja and Prashant

Pooja and Prashant are simply amazing! They are now one of our award-winning couples with one Wedding Photographer Society Award, one WedAward and one Wedisson Award! In 2018, Pooja and Prashant will get married in India. Their pre-wedding photo session at Lanier Islands and Piedmont Park was nothing short of spectacular! We just can’t get over how beautiful the results are!

The WedAward is an international contest for wedding photography that looks for photographers who combine stunning quality and style of imagery to produce the most innovative photographic work.

The Wedisson Award is an international wedding photography contest where recognized experts in wedding photojournalism provide awards to the most creative, outstanding, inspirational and artistic wedding photographer.

The Wedding Photographer Society Awards are stunning photographs that shine in redefining wedding photography! All images are uniquely judged by independent experts working in the art, design, and fashion industries – not by other photographers!

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