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Sari Cristina & Momo Radjinder

From the day Cristina and Radji hired us for their Indian wedding, we couldn’t wait to photograph their event!

Have you ever been to a real Indian wedding? It is not easy to describe a typical Indian wedding, indeed it is very difficult !!! It is a very important ritual for Indians of course, as it should be, and full of rituals and customs. If you are curious to have precise information, we suggest you visit the Wikipedia page on Indian weddings.

Living Indian culture in a wedding was a unique experience and today in this article we will tell you about three unforgettable days full of celebrations, dances and Indian cuisine!

Let’s start this beautiful story with the first day of celebration. This day is called Mahia.

What certainly cannot be missing in an Indian wedding are the colors and typically traditional music accompanied by folkloric dances. The relatives and friends of the couple applied a turmeric-based paste on the arms and legs as a sign of purification. The floor was decorated with a Mandala (a circular design where all the points converge in the center), created with colored powders.

The next day Cristina and Radji wore their traditional wedding dresses. She wore a beautiful red sari adorned with gold embroidery. On her hands and feet Cristina had elaborate henna decorations called Mendhi.

They celebrated their official Indian wedding called Gurdwara, a place of prayer for the Sikh religion. Before starting the ceremony, all the guests and the bride and groom enjoyed a short banquet where Chai, the typical Indian tea, was served.

Among the scents of cinnamon, cardamom and other fragrant spices, the wedding ceremony also called Anand Karaj began. In the guardwara place it is a sign of respect to enter barefoot and with your head uncovered (see our selfie in the Instagram stories!). We had a lot of fun taking pictures barefoot with our heads covered. It reminded us a bit of when we were in Kenya and we took pictures with bare feet and bathing suits.

The ceremony ended with the exchange of gifts to symbolize the union between the two families.
We then headed to the Marmore Falls for couple photos! In Terni, taking photos of the waterfalls is a must, but we must say that taking photos there with the bride and groom in typical Indian clothes is another story !!! Beautiful … do you agree with us?!?

Our photographic story will continue in a second article…! Stay tuned!



Accomodations: Resort Antico Casale Urbani | Photographer: Alessandro Mari photography




Resort Antico Casale Urbani

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