Singh Ferrer FI 200x200

Singh weds Ferrer

Sonia is east Indian and Ronjay is Filipino. They both work at the Mustard Seed in Edmonton and that’s how they met each other. They are both very kind people. Their wedding was two days long. The first day had getting ready, ceremony and formal. The second day had getting ready, formal and reception. Sonia wore the traditional Indian dresses for both wedding days. Ronjay wore the traditional Indian outfit for the first day and a suit for the second day. The whole wedding is Indian culture themed. To incorporate the Filipino culture, they had a Filipino dance performance at their dinner reception.
Photographer: Daphne Chen Photography Ceremony Location: Nanaksar Gurdwara Makeup Artist: The Henna House by Angela Design and Decor: Ava Sophia Weddings Cinema and Video: DC Brandon Films Caterer: Dil-E-Punjab Sweets & Restaurant Makeup Artist: SEN studios Event Venue: Shaw Conference Centre Bakery: The Art of Cake (AB)
Photos Courtesy:
Daphne Chen Photography