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South Asian Bride

This style shoot was inspired to showcase a more Modern South Asian Bride. ?Here we are highlighting her garment, her Saree and Jewelry . ?Traditionally in South Asia, brides where rich and bright colors like red, golds and beautiful gems and embellishments. ?They are adorn with elaborate and intricate pieces. ?

They say to make her look even more beautiful than she is already the work of a Mehndi artist is sought. ?This is a tradition that has been around for many years. ?Then Mehndi also highlighted in these images, was created and drawn by Salma Islam of Henna Allure.?This art is applied ?before the wedding, it is usually done at the Mehndi Celebration, which traditional is with female only, but just more recently the groom and his party join in the celebration and also getting Mehndi Art. ?

It is said the artist will write the grooms name, and hide it within the elaborated design so he can find it during their private moment.?In this shoot designed and coordinated by Annie Muniz of ?Modern Chic & Shabby Events by Annie. ?

Photographed by Jose F. Nordase of JF nordase Photography who captured ?the colors and the richness of all the elements of decor and details. ?Make Up artist Laura Reynolds was able to capture and create a South Asian Bridal look on the Model Alicia Gomez. ?Flower Designer Kelly Dixon of Union Bloom, designed the amazing center pieces, garland , bridal bouquet in rich deep purples, oranges, and red opullent color florals. ?

Cake Artist Michelle Crawford of Bakers Cottage Cakes created an amazing Wedding Cake, a very elaborate beautifully decorated with edible gems and flowers. ?The Venue Ceviches Tapa Restaurants, Orlando Florida , has a beautiful back drop and amazing rich color walls and structures. ?The beautiful stain Glass windows, the amazing mantels, and the staircase featured are only a few places in this beautiful venue to admire?

Reception Venue: Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant 321-281-8140 | Event Planner: Modern Chic & Shabby Events by Annie 407-494-5171 | Photographer: JF Nodarse Photography |