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South Asian Hindu Wedding

The shoot was a luxury inspiration of pinks, teals, purples, golds, oranges, and reds. The goal was modern inspiration with traditional influences to celebrate their culture. The couple is Gujarati Indian and are Hindu. The wedding celebrated their culture in every way possible from the red of their attire which is a traditional wedding color for Hindu brides. Red represents a new life and given that Bride’s in India leave their parents home to move to her in-laws house and join his family , red is the perfect color to represent this. The color red is associated with love and passion as well as prosperity and fertility. The luxury elements of the day were captured thru the unique floral arrangements with less traditional flowers that draped over their holders as well as the flowers hanging from the unique foliage wall. The cakes and varied deserts were created to entice those to see the many options that could be had to make a couple’s day as unique as they are. The venue itself backs up to a mountain to capture picturesque views that only the beautiful Arizona sunset can offer.
Photographer: Love Affair Photography Event Planner: Adored Events Other: AZ Retro Rentals Bakery: Bite Me Delectables Invitation Designer: Boxed Wedding Invitations Design and Decor: Chasing Bliss Design Event Venue: Chateau Luxe Floral Designer: Country Blossom Florist Other: Nolan Haus Linens and Coverings: Southwick Linens Other: Strive Dreams Design and Decor: Us to U rentals
Photos Courtesy:
Love Affair Photography