Sravanthy E Krushidhar A

Sravanthy E and Krushidhar A’s Indian Wedding in New York by ML Creative Studios LLC

Sravanthy and Krushidhar hosted a jaw-dropping Indian wedding at the Antuns and the results are simply breathtaking. I am sure that Sravanthy dreamed of a fairytale Indian wedding in bold shades with an ethereal touch. I am absolutely in love with the ultra elegant mandap that was just designed for the classic and modern Indian bride. The bride’s lengha complimented her décor flawlessly and I am certain that you could hear a diamond covered pin drop as she floated down the aisle. All the divine moments are captured and filmed by ML Creative Studios LLC and 732 Flims

Sravanthy E and Krushidhar A’s Indian Wedding in New York by ML Creative Studios LLC

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Indian South Asian Wedding CaptureIndian Bride and Groom With Their Guest CaptureIndian Bride and Groom With Their Parents CaptureBeautiful Family Capture by ML Creative Studios LLC E_A_MLCreativeStudiosLLC_SK167_lowSouth Indian Wedding ProcessionIndian Wedding Guest Doing Wedding RitualExcellent Photography by ML Creative Studios LLCIndian Bride and Groom in Wedding AttireIndian Wedding Guest Dancing in a GroupIndian Bride and Groom with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen CaptureIndian Bride and Groom with their Family FriendsIndian Bride and Groom Possing with their Mother's FriendIndian Bride and Groom doing Indian Wedding Ritual Indian Groom Wearing Turban and Garland Indian Bride and Groom Looking to each other Newly Wed Indian Couple Possing for PhotoshootFamily CaptureIndian Bride Enjoying their Wedding Ceremony with Indian GroomIndian Groom's Guest giving Curd to Indian Groom Indian Bride Giving Curd to Indian Groom as per Religious BeliefIndian Bride and Groom Performing their Wedding ProcessionIndian Bride and Groom at their Wedding CaptureHappiest Indian Bride CaptureIndian Bride and Goom Under Wedding Mandap Indian Groom Looking to Indian BrideIndian South Asian Wedding Performing Ritual With Priest In Hindu tradition brides wear their wedding rings on their feet, known as Bichiya.Indian Bride and Groom Tender Movement Indian Bride and Groom's Guest Holding Cloth for them Bride and Groom taking the blessings from their ParentsIndian Bride and Groom Walking together holding HandsIndian Bride and Groom under Beautiful Indian Wedding MandapE_A_MLCreativeStudiosLLC_SK100_low Traditional Ritual in Indian WeddingIndian Garland RitualIndian Bride putting Grains on Indian Groom's HeadIndian Groom Putting Grains on Bride's HeadIndian Groom and Bride Holding Grains in their HandsIndian Bride and Groom Holding PotsE_A_MLCreativeStudiosLLC_SK78_low Nice Photo Capture of Indian Groom Charming Indian Bride's CaptureIndian Groom Puts on Bride's Neck MangalsutraIndian Bride and Groom Putting Grains on CoconutIndian Bride and Groom Holding Diya in their HandsIndian Bride and Groom Lightning Diya Indian Bride and Groom Giving Blessing to Each Other One Curtain Passing Throw Between Indian Bride and Groom Indian Bride First Look Indian Bride Coming at Mandap for wedding Indian Bride with Bridesmaids CaptureIndian Bride in Wedding Attire Gorgeous Indian Bride ready for weddingIndian Groom Possing for Outdoor Photo ShootIndian Groom Holding Plate with waterBridesmaids Help Indian Bride for Getting ReadyIndian Bride Getting ready for her wedding Perfect Indian Bride Hair StylePerfect Indian Bride Make up and Dressing Indian Groom with their Parents CaptureIndian Groom is ready for weddingIndian Groom with their Guest Capture

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