Sureena And Kishan

Sureena and Kishan

Sureena Patel, a Digital Content Coordinator, and Kishan Desai, Vice President of Acquisitions, embarked on a journey of love that culminated in a breathtaking wedding celebration. Their love story began at Six Flags in Atlanta during Halloween’s Fright Night. Kishan’s clever conversation starter about Sureena’s Stussy t-shirt sparked a connection that would shape their future. The proposal was a meticulously planned affair in Houston, Texas, against the backdrop of the James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace. As the sun set and a stunning light show began, Kishan got down on one knee, and Sureena said yes, enveloping the moment in pure joy. Indian wedding BANQUET HALLS - JW Marriott Tampa Water Street With the help of a wedding planner, Sureena and Kishan orchestrated a destination wedding in Fort Myers, Florida, mindful of the travel logistics for their international guests. The JW Marriott, with its proximity to the airport and flexibility with vendors, proved to be the perfect venue. The wedding festivities kicked off with pre-wedding events adorned with elegant decor, leading to a ceremony filled with love and unique touches. The reception dazzled with its grand entrance, exquisite centerpieces, and a vibrant atmosphere. Indian wedding BEAUTICIANS - Michele Renee The Studio and Salon

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Indian wedding CATERING - Khasiyat Restaurant The couple’s first dance was to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, followed by heartfelt father/daughter and mother/son dances. Throughout the reception, a mix of music kept the energy high, culminating in unforgettable moments. Sureena and Kishan incorporated personal touches into their wedding, ensuring every detail reflected their love story. From DIY projects to surprising performances, their wedding was a testament to their unique bond.  Their advice to couples planning their wedding: Get a planner and embrace the journey, even when faced with unexpected challenges. Despite initial hiccups, they found joy in every moment, cherishing the laughter and smiles that filled their special weekend. In hindsight, they can now laugh about the power outage at the venue and the last-minute cancellation of Kishan’s baarat boat, turning unexpected setbacks into memorable anecdotes. Sureena and Kishan’s wedding was a celebration of love, laughter,  and overcoming obstacles, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Indian weding catering - Saffron Indian Cuisine Orlando Indian wedding DISC JOCKEY by Dhol Beat International Indian bride shows her mehndi Indian wedding PHOTOGRAPHER - Andrew Kwak Photography Indian bride Mehndi Bridal Henna Indian wedding VIDEOGRAPHY - Epique Cinema Handsome indian groom Indian wedding couple Sureena and Kishan Indian wedding couple posing for photoshoot Stunning indian bride Geogrous indian bride sureena and kishan's wedding Indian wedding couple walking together to capture a cherished photo Indian wedding couple candid moments Indian wedding couple happiest moment gorgeous indian bride Indian bride posing for photoshoot Indian groom Kishan Handsome Indian groom Love birds posing for photoshoot Indian bride and groom looking spectacular Indian groom looks like raja Indian bride and groom looking amazing Indian groom dressed like Raja Indian wedding couple posing for photoshoot in outdoor location Indian bride shows her Mehndi Indian groom posing for outdoor photoshoot Happiest indian groom Happiest indian groom Kishan Indian wedding couple at outdoor location Indian wedding couple looks like Raja and Rani Outdoor photoshoot Indian bride Sureena Indian groom Kishan handsome indian groom Geogrous Indian bride Happiest wedding couple Indian groom at haldi function Indian bride and groom looks amazing Romantic photoshoot for indian wedding couple Indian bride with bridesmaid Indian wedding couple with relatives and friends Happiest indian groom at haldi function Indian wedding rituals indian groom kishan Indian wedding couple at wedding rituals Indian wedding couple after wedding Indian wedding couple after wedding rituals Indian wedding rituals Indian wedding couple Indian wedding couple after marriage Indian wedding couple cuts wedding cake Indian wedding couple dancing together