Why Chooda covers are the next favorite for Brides?

Why Chooda Covers are the Next Favorite for Brides?

Why Chooda covers are the next favorite for Brides?Everything about the Indian weddings is just great! Whether it’s the Haldi ceremony or the Mehndi, brides are taken care of at their best. And these days it’s been a hype of Chooda among the brides. The chooda is a famous Shaadi bangle, especially worn out by the brides on their big day. You can easily point out those exotic, red and white bangles set hanging on in the wedding shops nearby.

 And it’s not only about the common brides, but even Bollywood is also very much obsessed with wearing choodas. The choodas are making hot news because of the extremely traditional looks they give to the hands of the bride. Be it the Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra, or Deepika Padukone, these Bollywood divas gave the red choodas first preference over everything.

 The Indian wedding market is trending over the chooda covers, colorful choodas and many more. You can buy the chooda covers of different hues and looks. Brides are loving to decorate their hands with the traditional choodas and make the mehndi-styled hands look even more beautiful. Having matching lehengas will even add glare and grace.

 Fashion trend is so high that the choodas are coming with names written over them. You can even design the choodas according to your hands depending on shape, size, and texture. Choodas are covered by the uncle of the bride with handkerchief after she wears it in the hands. But chooda covers make it way easier for the brides to keep the hand chooda safer, and don’t let it look out of the place. 


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