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    2019 Jewelry Trends

     Jewelry has always been used to accessorize and remain an evergreen trend, though high-end designs are exciting for everyone. Whether the ornaments are made of precious metals or alloy, the addition to one’s look adds a certain finesse and polish. The trend of wearing jewelry …

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  • Must-Try-Natural-Makeup-Brands-ftr-img

    5 Must try Natural makeup Brands for Indians

    If given the choice, many of us would choose natural products rather than chemical-laden cosmetics, which can be toxic for the skin. For first time users, selecting a brand that works can be confusing as there are so many from which to choose. Here’s a …

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  • DIY Hair Masks 1 1

    Best DIY Hair Masks for Troubled Hair

    Many of us think of DIY hair care as simply remembering to do as our grandmothers told us and apply coconut oil to hair every now and then! But take a few extra minutes and create your own completely organic DIY hair mask to improve …

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  • Indian Dishes Ftr Img

    Cool Bite-Size Savory Indian Dishes for your Wedding Menu

    When it comes to wedding planning, every couple wants to do things that would make their big day memorable and leave their guests wowed. When everything about your D-Day will be so wow-worthy, then why leave behind your wedding menu. One of the latest trends …

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  • Haldi-Pithi ceremony - The Ritual of Love and Colors of Special Bond

    Haldi-Pithi Ceremony – The Ritual of Love and Colors of Special Bond

    Our Indian culture is everything extreme you can ever find in any form. Marriage is a special journey, and Indian marriages are world famous, definitely for many reasons! It is a journey which starts from engagement, combining the essence of Haldi-Pithi ceremony, and ends up …

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  • Feature

    Indian Skin Care Brands That Stay True to Ancient Rituals

    Maintaining healthy skin is something in which Indians are masters. Many brands worldwide have begun to use natural ingredients well known in Indian skin care routines. Several new skincare brands founded and owned by Indians and Indian Americans are making miracles and helping people curate …

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  • Mysore Silk Ftr Img

    Silk Sarees Every Indian Bride Must Have in their Collection

    Silk Sarees are timeless, graceful and luxurious, which makes them a perfect addition in every Indian bride’s trousseau. Silk sarees would add a touch of heritage in your collection. Here are some different types of Silk sarees from all over India that will add panache …

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  • Meditation Exercises Ftr Img

    Simple Yet Effective Ways To De-Stress Before Your Wedding

    Wedding is one of the most beautiful, memorable and joyous moment in a person’s life. But, planning a wedding can be stressful and demanding. It involves a lot of checklists, running around, and chores. All of this can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. The …

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  • The Emotional Custom of Bidaai In Indian Marriages

    The Emotional Custom of Bidaai In Indian Marriages

    Weddings in India is just not limited to Shaadi, receptions, and parties. It’s a sacred occasion of happiness, excitement, and emotions. The week-long gatherings, hundreds of family and friends and preparations of back-to-back ceremonies…Everything about the marriage makes it way special and stand out! So …

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  • Why Chooda covers are the next favorite for Brides?

    Why Chooda Covers are the Next Favorite for Brides?

    Everything about the Indian weddings is just great! Whether it’s the Haldi ceremony or the Mehndi, brides are taken care of at their best. And these days it’s been a hype of Chooda among the brides. The chooda is a famous Shaadi bangle, especially worn …

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