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Cool Bite-Size Savory Indian Dishes for your Wedding Menu

When it comes to wedding planning, every couple wants to do things that would make their big day memorable and leave their guests wowed. When everything about your D-Day will be so wow-worthy, then why leave behind your wedding menu. One of the latest trends in the wedding food industry is bite-size or mini food items. And it’s not just sliders or shrimp cocktail; even Indian dishes can be transformed into stunning bite-sized versions to impress your guests.
Check out these amazing bite-size Indian food ideas that you too can add to your wedding menu.

Cool Bite-Size Savory Indian Dishes for your Wedding Menu

#1. Golgappa Shots
Imagine your guests’ surprise when they see golgappa water being served in a shot glass.

#2. Papdi Chaat Canapés
Either serve it in a cone or use mini sev puri canapés to add some charm to the traditional chaat.

#3. Mini Vada Pav
Forget sliders; add the mini version of the famous Maharashtrian delicacy, Vada Pav to your menu.

#4. Cocktail Idli with Chutney shots
Small bite-size Idlis served with Chutney in a shot glass. What’s more? You can give any shape or color to this South Indian dish.

#5. Cocktail Style Bhel Puri or Corn Bhel
Who doesn’t love something chatpatta when it comes to Indian dishes? Serve refreshing bhelpuri or a corn bhel in a martini or cocktail glass.

#6 Mini Parantha Taco
Give the favorite, flavorful Indian dish a very modern and fusion twist.

#7. Mini Samosas
A masaledaar delicacy that everyone loves, served in a unique mini, bite-size version, with drops of chutney on it.

#8. Mini Poppadom Canapes
From sweet to savory, you can serve anything on a tiny poppadom. You can go with anything from fruit salad to spicy prawns, or even Saag paneer!

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