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Thank you Card

You’ve just returned from your honeymoon – two weeks of pure bliss and relaxation with your significant other. The harried days of wedding planning are behind you, leaving you time to focus on your future together as a couple. Right after you open wedding gifts, and write those thank you notes, of course! Writing thank you notes is not simply a tiresome activity… especially if your list exceeds 300. However, this is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude for those who attended your wedding or thought to send a gift to commemorate your special occasion.

Don’t let the task of writing thank you notes get the best of you. Begin the process as soon as you start receiving gifts to avoid having to write them all at the same time. Be sure to send notes within 6-8 weeks of your wedding. Simplify the task, create personalized thank-you notes, and get back to planning a future together with these tips.

Elements of a Thank You Note

Handwriting thank you notes allows you to both personalize the message and maintain a connection with the other party. Thank you notes should include these important elements:

• Address the note in a personal manner. Use first names for close friends and family. Stick to Mr. and Mrs. for acquaintances or friends of your parents.

• Be sure to reference the gift you received – “Thank you for the crystal serving bowl.” If you received a cash gift, do not reference the amount, just simply state, “Thank you for your generous gift.”

• Next, indicate what the gift means to you or how you plan to use it. “We cannot wait to use the serving bowl at our first dinner party!” Or, “We are saving for a new home, and your gift gets us closer to achieving our dream.”

• Finally, be sure to thank the guest for attending your wedding festivities. Express regret if someone did not make it to the wedding.

So, while the task of writing thank you notes may seem tedious, you can revel in the activity together as a couple. And, in the end, a thank you note is a way for you as a couple to express appreciation for all those who played a part you special day.

Thank you Card

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