Way to Personalize your Wedding

Way to Personalize your Wedding


A wedding can be one of the most anticipated events of one’s life. To make this day memorable for you and your guests, personalize your arrangements and make the occasion truly memorable. Why not give your wedding a reflection of your own style? Here are some suggestions on ways to personalize your wedding.

Unique Seating Arrangements
Think about different ways to seat guests apart from the usual pattern and arrangement of tables and chairs. For example, try a cross or arc-shaped table setting. Place a note on each table –a thank you note or an explanation about different wedding traditions.

Personalized Invitations
When you send wedding invitations, do something other than just write the guests’ names on the envelope. Add a personal quote or special note that makes that will make your guests feel important. Sharing an experience or telling your guests why they are special will make the invites souvenirs to be treasured, not thrown away. Be sure to handwrite the note, which makes a better impression on your guests.

Exclusive Menu Items
Give your wedding day menu a different touch by including exclusive dishes that are family favorites. Even better, if someone in the family is known for good cooking, ask them to prepare delicious desserts and cookies for your wedding day.

Wedding Date
Give your wedding an entirely new twist by selecting an unconventional wedding date or time. Rather than a Saturday or long weekend, add special meaning to your wedding date by choosing one that has significance for you and your partner.

There are a myriad of ways to personalize your wedding. Simply think about how you can add touches that show your own personality – be it in the décor, food, or your attire. Make your wedding a memorable experience!


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