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When Love Gives You Wings Natasha Weds Faiz


Love is among the most sublime emotions that we know, an emotion that keeps us feeling youthful and alive. As children we tend to grow fond of friends of the opposite sex without realizing what it means, as teens we have crushes that make life more exciting, and true love blooms only when we are old enough to realize. Some people only find love when they are of age, while others, like Natasha and Faiz,understand how it changes and grows in the people they have known for several years.

The first meeting between Natasha and Faiz occurred during a dinner hosted at Faiz’s residence by his parents, when they were 15 years old. Exchanging only pleasantries, the story was left at that until they met again a year later. When they began to talk, they found so much in common that they connected like they were old friends. Finding a deep connection between them, they remained friends throughout high school, although they were always strangely drawn to one another. It was in college when they talked of taking the relationship to the next level, and amazingly, also decided that they would one day Natasha Weds Faiz a Traditional Pakistani wedding Dressmarry one another. Although there was no dramatic proposal that Faiz made to Natasha at that time, it was the most committed, strongest expression of love and faith that they showed for each other.

A traditional Pakistani wedding proposal followed, which included the parents of the couple. Faiz and his family went to Melbourne, Florida, to see Natasha’s family and ask for Natasha’s hand in marriage formally. Although it was not particularly dreamy, it felt completely right for Faiz, Natasha, and both families.
Both families and friends undertook all wedding preparations without the help of a wedding consultant. With a year to plan and prepare, an inclusive list was prepared with all the important points and details itemized. Since they had little experience with planning a wedding, it was along journey, one no one realized would be difficult and paved with many details. Making arrangements and confirming details continued all the way to the week before the wedding.

Ring CeremonyA mehndi rasam was the first official ceremony leading to the wedding. Besides the mendhi, music and dance performances were the highlights of the evening. The Mystic Dunes in Orlando was the chosen venue, which was decorated beautifully with candles, lanterns, votives and tea lights. The décor created a very colorful and mystical setting, which set the mood making all 160 guests look and feel special.
The wedding ceremony was held at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort.The wedding ceremony was held at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort. Chosen for its proximity and also its warm, welcoming feel, the venue was decorated to enhance its best features. Earthy tones and warm lighting added to the magnificence. Tree centerpieces with hanging votives and roses, and majestic lamps and surahis in brass along side elegant drapes made the wedding space just perfect.

The valima, or the wedding reception, followed. Hosted at the Grand Bohemian, this was an evening no one will forget in quite some time. With the formalities of the wedding ceremony complete, now was the time to push aside anxiety and truly relax and enjoy the occasion. The Grand Bohemian is majestic, opulent and stylish with exquisite artwork and fabulous design, which was everything Faiz and Natasha wanted. The venue makes for an ideal backdrop for pictures and is even a place celebrities frequent. The guests were treated with style and class, and they enjoyed every minute. With a DJ spinning great numbers and friends and families emceeing throughout the evening, laughs and jovial fun resonated all night.
Natasha and FaizNatasha and Faiz suggest that prospective brides and grooms take in every moment, from the planning all the way to the last moment of festivities. No matter how it goes or how you take it, this is a moment that can never come back again and can only be lived through pictures and videos. If you have made the most of it, you can relive the magic in your head and heart forever.


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