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  • 10 Commandments for a Dashing Dulhan

    10 Commandments for a Dashing Dulhan

    Snap into Shape It has been proven that getting your heart rate up, working your muscles to capacity, and eating healthily can kick your brain into “I’m a superstar!” gear. So even if you won’t have 300 eyes staring at your bare biceps on your …

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  • Kajal weds Viraj

    Kajal weds Viraj

    Not every wedding story is a breeze that sweeps you away with in-your-face romance. While there are some stories that will take your breath away, others are more subdued, even slow and hesitant in the offering. Kajal and Viraj’s story typifies not only the subdued …

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  • Lights, Camera and a Million Dollar Smile: Hiring your Dream Wedding Photographer

    Lights, Camera and a Million Dollar Smile: Hiring your Dream Wedding Photographer

    The bride and groom are unquestionably the most important people at the wedding. However, there are some others who are just indispensable and must be given their due. A few among these include caterers and event managers. The photographer, though, is one priceless contributor whose …

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  • Neha weds Guru

    Neha weds Guru

    Couples who keep their love alive even after having been together many years have truly found themselves the perfect soul mate. Finding love is rare, and when it is as special as what Guru and Neha share, it is truly unbelievable. Neha and Guru dated …

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  • Niketha weds Hiren

    Niketha weds Hiren

    To be in love is special. When you share love, companionship, strong friendship and wonderful camaraderie, you can be sure you have found the person of your dreams. Niketha and Hiren do not just share the same profession, but also a life of promise and …

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  • Shilpa Weds Patrick

    Shilpa Weds Patrick

    They say that when love must strike, it will go to any lengths to bring two souls together. Little did Shilpa and Patrick imagine that they would find love in India, when both actually live in the United States! It was meant to be, however, …

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  • Sumitha weds Sean

    Sumitha weds Sean

    Sumitha Solai and Sean Pitroda had one thing in common – spontaneity. And so, it was fitting that Sean proposed spontaneously. Sitting in the room of Sofitel Hotel during a vacation to their favorite place in the world, Manhattan, New York, Sean pulled out the …

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