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  • Sense and Sensibility-Aarti Weds Amit

    Sense and Sensibility-Aarti Weds Amit

    Aarti and Amit have known each other for a very long time, having met at a Thanksgiving celebration in 2000. Though they started their relationship as friends, the stirrings of romance were soon apparent. Clarity in thought is sure to reflect in several aspects of …

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  • Shahid Weds Mira Main 300x121 1

    Shahid Kapoor – Mira Rajput Wedding

      Actor Shahid Kapoor and Delhi-based Mira Rajput tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in Delhi on July 7, 2015. The much awaited nuptials took place at industrialist Shivinder Singh’s farmhouse in Rajkori (Delhi) and were attended by only their close relatives and friends. …

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  • Shalini Weds Randy 1

    Shalini Weds Randy

    Your first love, whether in adolescence or adulthood, is never forgotten. Often, puppy love does not last very long, and we tend to move on in life. It is rare for a first love to be the last and eventually culminate in marriage, but in …

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  • Sharon Weds Ankit TITAL 250x303 247x300 1

    Sharon Weds Ankit

    Sharon and Ankit’s story is one where friends grow to fall in love and soon become soul mates. This is the kind of love anyone would be blessed to have, for in this relationship you will find the greatest support, strength, and sense of belonging. …

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  • Ansari Weds Huda

    Shazia Ansari and Imran Huda

    This was a beautiful and amazing 3 day South Asian wedding at the Cool Springs Marriott, Franklin TN. Such beautiful decorations and colors, as well as full with a rich cultural experience for all involved. Photos Courtesy: Jay Farrell Photography 615-812-9737

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  • Shelly weds Amit

    Shelly weds Amit

    Dynamic opposites, Shelly Tiwari, 26, and Amit Shah, 30 met through mutual friends in 2010 and dated for five years. Amit planned a romantic proposal by Amit on his birthday in March 2015 with the help of Shelly’s sister and best friend. She said yes, …

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  • Shilpa Weds Patrick

    Shilpa Weds Patrick

    They say that when love must strike, it will go to any lengths to bring two souls together. Little did Shilpa and Patrick imagine that they would find love in India, when both actually live in the United States! It was meant to be, however, …

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  • Shisha Weds Dishant Ftr Img

    Shisha Weds Dishant

    In October 2018, Shisha Patel, a health educator and Indian medical program coordinator, and Dishant Patel, a project manager, held their wedding and reception at the Adriatic Lounge and the Arctic Club, respectively, on the Carnival Victory ship of the Carnival Cruise Line. The bride …

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  • Shivali Weds Nimish Featured Image

    Shivali weds Nimish Indian Wedding in Hilton Orlando by Photo By Memories Studio

    Classic yet modern is one way to describe Nimish and Shivali’s wedding. Living in Florida and always facing uncertain weather conditions, the couple hosted a grand wedding despite the odds! These medical professionals celebrated their love with great fanfare with over 500 guests. In 2012, …

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  • Shivani Weds Aakash Ftr

    Shivani weds Aakash Indian Wedding at The Hilton Orlando Photographed Fine Art Productions

    Imagine taking a stroll by the water in a park and suddenly you notice rose petals on the ground and a photographer clicking away trying to capture each and every moment of your movements. Before you know it, your best friend and your soulmate is …

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  • Shivani weds Christopher

    Shivani weds Christopher

    Shivani Patel, a mortgage processor, and Christopher Carranza, an assistant bakery manager, were first introduced by mutual friends who wanted the two to date. When they actually met, sparks immediately flew. Two years and two months after they began dating, Christopher proposed during a vacation …

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  • TOP2 1

    Shivon’s Wedding Story

    Proposal Amit planned a surprise trip to Lake Tahoe, NV. He chose Lake Tahoe because I had never seen snow. He never told me where we were going – just that it would be cold and to pack accordingly. Meanwhile, he was secretly planning a …

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  • Shreya Weds Sagar Featured Image

    Shreya weds Sagar Indian Wedding in Gujarat Cultural Association in Nashville by Photo By Zamana Photo & Videography

    For Shreya and Sagar, a friends trip to Washington, D.C., with 18 people changed their lives forever. It was on this trip that Shreya, from Nashville, met Sagar, from Florida, for the first time, and they instantly clicked! After dating nine months, the two got …

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  • Singh Ferrer FI 200x200

    Singh weds Ferrer

    Sonia is east Indian and Ronjay is Filipino. They both work at the Mustard Seed in Edmonton and that’s how they met each other. They are both very kind people. Their wedding was two days long. The first day had getting ready, ceremony and formal. …

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  • Snehal weds Tushaar

    Snehal weds Tushaar

    Snehal and Tushaar met through a mutual friend, Melita, who knew Tushaar since high school and met Snehal during college. Melita had been encouraging Tushaar to settle down, and she decided to introduce her two friends on a hunch that they might get along. They …

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