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  • Trupti and Patrick

    Trupti and Patrick

    Trust, mutual respect, compassion and a deep love of Star Wars are the cornerstones of Trupti and Patrick’s relationship. They met in July 2012 and quickly bonded over stories and trivia about Star Wars lore. Despite their diametrically different backgrounds and cultures, Trupti and Patrick …

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  • Download 2 Copy

    Tulsi Gabbard Abraham Williams Wedding

    When you have a spectacular Hawaiian backdrop complete with mountains in the distant background, palm trees swaying perfectly to every movement, birds chirping synchronically and creating heavenly music, you can be fairly certain that this wedding is going to be very different. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard …

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  • Vaishali Weds Shiv Ftr

    Vaishali Weds Shivraj Indian Wedding at Sheraton Orlando North Photographed Fine Art Productions

    When Vaishali Thakkar and Shivraj Patel connected through the dating app Dil Mil, little did they know that this connection would turn into a lifelong bond. After texting for a couple of hours, Shivraj, who was in New York, decided to call Vaishali, in Chicago. …

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  • TOP4 1

    Vidya Maharaj’s Wedding Story

    I know women often say that they’ve been planning their wedding since childhood. I can honestly say that I am a testament to that. I used to watch Bollywood movies and dream of having my very own Bollywood wedding. I even travelled to India to …

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  • Vijayagopalan Tebbe BackSeatPhotography Backseatphoto113 Low

    Vijayagopalan & Tebbe

    Sangeeta and Daniel get two have two weddings. How lucky is that? Since Sangeeta is Hindu and Daniel is Catholic, they decided to really unite their love and their families by having two ceremonies, to honor each culture. Planning this wedding took a lot of …

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  • Vinisha Bhatia and Carson Murdach

    Vinisha Bhatia and Carson Murdach

    The wedding started off with the baraat, where Carson rode in the back of a pickup truck with all of his family and friends processing to the wedding ceremony alongside music, dancing, chanting, and singing. The ceremony and reception was in the backyard of Carson’s …

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  • Kaveri Weds Baadal 300x146 Copy

    Virtually in Love – Kaveri Weds Baadal

    Love can strike at any time, anywhere. It happens when you least expect, and embraces you only after you have searched long and hard. No matter what it takes to meet your one true love, it is always worth the wait. In a world that …

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  • Amit Weds Rima

    Wed At Last….

    Friends since high school, Amit and Reema planned for a two week vacation in Peru to celebrate their 10-year dating anniversary. A day before the flight was scheduled, Amit asked Reema to meet him. This get-together was organized in Bridgewater by Amit’s mother, and the …

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  • Wedding Story – Nilu and Jay Patel

    Wedding Story – Nilu and Jay Patel

    ~ by Nilu Patel ~ THE BEGINNING: We met exactly one year before our wedding date, at a restaurant in downtown Chicago. We decided to get married about three months later. As soon as we met, we knew we were made for each other. THE …

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  • Natasha Weds Faiz

    When Love Gives You Wings Natasha Weds Faiz

    Love is among the most sublime emotions that we know, an emotion that keeps us feeling youthful and alive. As children we tend to grow fond of friends of the opposite sex without realizing what it means, as teens we have crushes that make life …

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  • Where Are They Now?

    Where Are They Now?

    Many of our readers often wonder how the featured wedding couples are doing long after gracing the pages of Desh-Videsh. Beginning with this wedding issue, we visit with Desh-Videsh wedding story couples to find out about life after marriage! Nilu and Jay Patel March 27, …

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  • Indian wedding planning

    Working Towards A Successful Marriage Rihanna Weds Bhargava

    While you can never discount the fact that love is the best thing that can happen to anyone, it also takes a lot to keep it going strong. Knowing one another well and spending sufficient time- with each other does prepare you better for marriage. …

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  • Patel Patel Title Img1

    Zee and Dhaval

    Zee and Dhaval Zee and Dhaval have known each other for decades, but neither knew that they would tie the knot one day. Dhaval, a hotelier in the Bay Area and Zee, an entrepreneur and sweetheart from South Carolina decided to give themselves to each …

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