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  • Akshay and Arushi

    It was the veggie burger made by Arushi that played the role of Cupid in the love story of Arushi and Akshay. He had gone to her place during lunchtime to have burgers together. However, it was not just the burgers, but also the chef, …

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  • Ayusa Jeff Ftr Img

    Ayusa and Jeff

    During their medical training, doctors Ayusa Sinha and Jeff Goldstein met through shared patients. Ayusa initially was less enthusiastic, but Jeff was overly eager to approach her. During a three-year courtship, Jeff proposed to Ayusa, a garden enthusiast, in the ideal setting of the Rutgers …

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  • Christine Shivam Ftr Img

    Christine and Shivam

    There was something about Shivam that made Christine feel that he was the one—her ‘Mr Right’; her partner for life. They met in 2012 when they were both in college. However, it wasn’t until 2016—when both moved to New York City—that they started dating. After …

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  • Daisy Anup Ftr Img

    Daisy and Anup

    They took their wedding vows beside the water, with a carpet of flowers strewn over their path. As man and wife, they welcomed their guests in a magical ambience. Creative and imaginative, Daisy Gandhi began her new journey of marital bliss with Anup Solsi with …

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  • Dhara Vishal Ftr Img

    Dhara and Vishal

    Heaven is where marriage is created. The ideal marriage, however, is one where the couple is each other’s best friend. This was the case for Dhara Patel, a future dentist, and Vishal Patel, a future doctor, who met at a charity gathering called The Big …

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  • Farjana Yousuf Ftr Img 1

    Farjana and Yousuf

    Yousuf and Farjana connected through mutual friends in 2016 and they began dating in 2017. Four years later, Yousuf stunned Farjana by popping the question to her in front of both of their families and friends. So Farjana Rahman Pireya Malik, a human resources professional …

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  • Indian Bridal Inspiration Styled Shoot Ftr Img

    Indian Bridal Inspiration Styled Shoot

    Every year, thousands upon thousands of couples all across the world promise each other forever and choose to join their lives together. Some couples might jump a broom or break some glass on their wedding day, and some couples might just say quick vows and …

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  • Katrina and Vicky

    She is the paragon of beauty; a superstar; and the central attraction of many films. He is a super-talented actor who started showing his talent and acting prowess from the early years of his acting career. They fell for each other and decided to tie …

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  • Feat Img 4

    Krishna and Amish

    Krishna, a Florida family nurse practitioner, and Amish, a California hotelier, married in Florida in a once-in-a-lifetime wedding that their guests will never forget. They met during a layover and quickly knew they had discovered their life partner. After an impromptu lunch in Prefumo Canyon, …

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  • Kruti and Jenil

    Jenil Jariwala relocated to Chicago in order to look for housing. He had no idea that the new city would be where he would meet his true love. He found temporary refuge in the home of Kruti Mehta’s parents and a long-term residence in Kruti’s …

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  • Rushabh LIly

    Lily and Rushabh

    Both Lily Huynh and Rushabh Shah were working at the same company in Irvine, California, when they first met and began dating. They soon found themselves falling in love. Later on, Rushabh found a job in his native West Los Angeles and relocated there, while …

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  • Mariah Gautam Ftr Img 1 1

    Mariah and Gautam

    Miami holds a special place in the hearts of Gautam Muthusamy and Mariah Lewis. Throughout their college years, the couple had been acquainted with each other via mutual friends, and spent many years as close friends before they started dating. During a chilly walk after …

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  • Nikita Sunny FTR IMG

    Nikita and Sunny

    The strength of love ultimately triumphed over a set of misfortunes and accidents, and the wedding of Nikita and Sunny turned out to be a flawless and joyful occasion. An accident the couple experienced six months before their wedding day, during a pre-wedding photo shoot …

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  • Preeyal Dishil Ftr Img

    Preeyal and Dishil

    Having met in an inter-university Raas dance competition, Preeyal and Dishil eventually fell in love with each other. However, Dishil had to face two hurdles before he could propose to Preeyal. First, he decided to propose to her during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, …

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  • Chahna Tailor Ftr Img

    Prepping for the Wedding the Ayurvedic Way By Chahna Tailor Gupta

    Happy March! Wedding season is upon us! For brides and grooms, this is that one day (or a week!) where the spotlight is on them. This auspicious and ceremonious time in their lives can also put pressure to feel confident on their big day. Having …

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